Sunday, October 4, 2009

Last Minute.

Today was interesting. My daughter, the eldest, told me she had to make a food product from the cook book her study group made for language arts class. Oh and she needed it MONDAY! Thanks baby. Mommy appreciates that you waited till the last minute to tell her this when she has had one of the busiest weeks of her life! We ended up making Halvas, which resembled cinnamon cream of wheat to me. It was made with high gluten content Semolina flour so it was also basically poison to me. I guess it is going to turn out OK. I'm certainly not going to try them, but Rebecca is taking the finished product, that she swears tastes good, to school tomorrow for extra credit or something.

Upstairs neighbor has been semi quiet lately. Saturday morning he was loud as shit from 4:30am till 5:30am, but Sunday morning all we heard was one thump at 5am and that was it. I am chalking all this up to weekend drinking causing the bad behavior. Perhaps Sunday morning he just passed out where he fell, therefore accounting for the 1 thud. Anyway, I was about 5 minutes from going upstairs and asking him not so politely to shut the hell up on Saturday morning. Hey, I have pads and a mouth guard now..... don't fuck with my sleep when I have had almost none during the week!

For Sunday, we are just smoking a few chickens, taking it easy, watching some football, and playing Wii. You know, a nice family kind of day, except when we had to go to Wall to Wall Mart and my kids pissed me off. I had already said I was going to make chocolate chip cookies after dinner, but do they,(My loving children), remember this?? NOOOOOOO! They start bothering HHH for ice cream and brownies and all kinds of sweets! Thanks kids. Mommy really enjoys the brush off. Go bug a freakin' Keebler Elf for your cookie fix from now on.

So now I am just killing time till dinner. Then it is early to bed so I can get up and start the week. This one is hopefully not going to be as busy, thank goodness! Every once in a while I need to catch my breath!

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