Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Take Weird Photos When Drunk.

Well, I wasn't exactly drunk per se...... I was tipsy, recognized the signs of being tipsy, and finally ate something since ya know.... I hadn't eaten in about 24 hours. Yeah.... sometimes it's just like that.

So I finally got off to Altamonte Springs so I could go to Avitaween. I was an hour late getting started, but travel was quick and easy till I got into Orlando. Then it was a bitch. Traffic out the yin yang and it was only 3:30!!!! I guess rush hour starts early around here. I finally got to the hotel, got checked in, and got upstairs. As I was unpacking and putting my costume in the closet I heard the door rattle and it was my roomie, Kim205. She and I got together and mapped out a plan for the night. Meeting up with SheliaCSR, Linda, and her daughter Nicole and heading over to Universal. I got Kim her ticket for HHN, got us two free express passes and we were on like Donkey Kong baby! We hit several Haunted Houses, (Wolfman was pretty good.), Kim rode the Mummy, (I wonder if she held on to his lap bar, wink wink.), and we went through all the scare zones. The one wit the light up pumpkins all over the place and in the trees was really good. We took photos..... mine just suck ass because after we got to the park I had a jello shot in a little plastic baggie that resembled an IV bag. Too cute. I wasn't scared in the haunted houses though...... The effects were pretty awesome though. Excellent make up, costuming, and all that other stuff you'd come to expect from a major motion picture studio.

So now I am going to bed after a loooooooong day. 5:30 came way too early.

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