Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Got Nothing.

Today was spent pretty much doing nothing. Got up, made breakfast, got dressed, had some quality time w/HHH , and then took the kids to the Asian Culture Festival at Ringling.

The festival was good. The Chinese acrobats were excellent. There were activities there for the kids to do, like Japanese painting & Origami, Chinese Kite making, and Tibetan Prayer Flag making. The kids loved it. Unfortunately, in the hot Florida sun, it was getting way too heated and we had to leave before the kids got too hot. I apparently chose a good time to leave too... because right as we left, kids started dropping like flies! We saw one little girl getting medical attention in the Art Museum lobby, then another child not doing well in the Visitor's Center! Call it my uncanny mom senses.... but I knew it was time to go.

Then after we got home, HHH told me the best news I had heard since my son told me he got Student of the Month........(Yes I had to plug that again!) The new Pei Wei was finally open here in Sarasota!!! Well, technically Lakewood Ranch but who cares! Whoo hoo! I love Pei Wei! I fell in love with it when we lived in Stuart and now I am able to get my spring roll fix again I am in heaven. I told the kids we were going there for dinner to round out the Asian cultural experience for the day!

OK, so maybe I did have something to say. A nice family day. Love it when we have those days!

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