Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The First Time....

I have never owned a coffee pot.

Let me say that again....


Yes, this seems like an incredulous thing, I know, but in reality I didn't start liking coffee till just recently. Like about a year ago. So now there is a photo of my new coffee pot. I think I'll name it Buck. Now I am going to program Buck to have my coffee brewed at 5:45am and I bet my day will go so much better.

That is all.
I need to go try out Buck now.


Putz said...

coffee has caffenine in it and that you don't need, throw the coffee pot away my dear, and drink hot chocolate from columbia

Russ said...

Don't listen to the crazy Mormon. Get yourself a burr grinder and grind the coffee at home, that is some good coffee. (Even though it is inexpensive, 8 O'clock coffee is some of the best I had. But then I think Starbucks is dreadful.)

Finn said...

Putz, I hate to break it to you, but hot chocolate has caffeine in it too.

Russ, 8 O'Clock is excellent -- and like half the price of Starbucks.

Welcome, Buck. Be good to our girl.