Monday, October 5, 2009


Monday wasn't starting out to be too great. Our upstairs neighbor had spent the weekend thumping and banging away at the floor/ceiling the entire time, so why should 2:30am on a day I have to get up early for work be any different? I finally gave up the premise of sleeping and got up at 5:30am to start the day. I got lunches made, I got school clothes together, I read my inbox,.... the usual morning fare. I finally got the kids up at 6 to start getting them ready and I got everyone in the car on time. This is important for me. It is one of my goals I have written down for my $300 an hour business coach I take lessons from. (Free mind you, because he's my bosses husband.) We all get in the car and start driving out to school/work.

Where we live, the roads are wide and long. They stretch out into the sunset in the afternoons, lined with trees, lush grasses, and walking and biking trails. This also leads to speeding by drivers using the roadways. There are always speed traps and those side of the road "Your Speed Is...." machines out there. I am of the kind where I drive the speed limit. No if's, and's, or but's about it. I don't need the ticket, don't need the hassle, just. don't. need. it. I also follow the rules of the road, like yielding, not turning on red in a crosswalk, signaling my intentions, etc, etc.... You know, the sinle, common sense stuff. As I do this, I usually explain what I am doing to my almost 13 year old, because she will be driving in a few years, and all the information she can get is a good thing. Teach her now so it is easier later.

This morning I am approaching the light at our long road where it comes out on Tamiami Trail in Sarasota. As I was approaching the corner, the Tamiami side turned yellow. OK. Great. I'll get the light. The other side of the street, the oncoming traffic, starts out first. No problem, I'll wait till it turns for us because I had turned here before, only to almost be hit by someone deciding at the last minute they really wanted to turn, not go straight.


Some jerk behind me is honking at me to go when clearly, I do not have to if I don't want to. There is no law saying that you HAVE to turn right on red. Sorry game over.

I make the turn and so does jerk face. He speeds up till he is riding my bumper so I tap my brakes and slow down because I think he wants to go around me. Nope. He gets even more aggressive and begins to flash his brights on and off, blinding me, then whips it into the nearest gas station. Never one to back down, but more curious than ever, I pull into the other driveway of the same gas station and park next to the jerk. I roll down my window and as politely as I do when I am on the phone with a business client, I ask...

"Excuse me sir. Was there something you would like to tell me?"

His answer....

"Yeah! Learn how to fucking drive. You can't drive for shit. You're supposed to turn right on red."

Me: "Well there is no law that says I have to turn right on red. I was waiting for the light."

Him: "Don't be a child and learn how to fucking drive you bitch."

And with that he gave me the finger and waltzed into Dunkin Donuts. The thing that got me though.... he said all this and did all that with his son in the car. The boy looked to be 13 or 14 and he looked like he thought it was all funny, hilarious even.

Now, I am the first to admit that driving now a days sucks ass. Hell, I have blogged about it more than once! Driving is frustrating at best and down right infuriating at worst. I have had my share of fist shaking moments, but I don't think I have ever willfully put someone in harms way just so I could save a few minutes getting to my morning doughnut and coffee. Is this the example we give our kids? It's OK to put someone else in danger because you REALLY need that soy latte? It's alright to bully people with your car when they aren't doing what you think is right? Putting someone and their family in danger is OK because they have it coming?

This is the best we have for our children today?


Nicole said...

I feel your pain sister. I was in Sarasota yesterday Because I had to go up to the USF campus and on my way home I was on 41, going south. It was at Orange Ave/41. (just before the Ford Dealership when you come around from Marina Jacks) Anyways, its a posted "NO TORN ON RED" there. Well OMG! you would have thought I was gonna SLAM into someones gramma they way I was getting honked at!!

Russ said...

He is wrong, you are permitted to turn right on red. You are not "supposed to". Sounds like this guy doesn't need the caffeine.

Putz said...

what you need are those workmen in bowling green to spend your latte with on break