Friday, October 2, 2009


So today went famously awesome! I had to clean 3 houses today but because the newspaper came out with the above photo I was in good spirits! I then had to go back to the office,change into my derby outfit, and get my fanny over to the Hollywood 20 in downtown Sarasota for the premier of "Whip It". We were skating outside the theater and in, giving away t-shirts, stickers, movie posters, and free skate passes. We were getting a lot of attention for the Roller Derby. We also got creepy attention too.... but that is to be expected when you have hot women in short skirts and fishnets on skates.

After being out there for about an hour, I saw a familiar face or two in the crowd!!! Nicole, AKA Mommielicious had come with her sister to see me and the movie!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! I had the girls hook them up with swag and shirts before they went to go have dinner and see the movie! I totally want to thank her and her sister for coming out to the movie! She also volunteered her husband to help the Rollergirls with the web site. Mommielicious totally rocks.

So now I am home and tired. My feet hurt a little and I plan on sleeping in tomorrow. I just have to say....


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Nicole said...

The movie was fantastic and the SRQ Roller Girls looked FABULOUS!!