Thursday, October 15, 2009

Busy, Busy, Bullets.

  • Today my son accepted his award for being Student of the Month. He looked so darn cute doing it too. I was a very proud mama! (Like you couldn't tell from all the Twitter photo's I was tweeting.)
  • After the program, it was off to work and there the day went to busy land!
  • I was able to find the stealth BBQ spot this afternoon thanks to Twitter and the food critic from Creative Loafing! Nancy's Bar-B-Q kicks major fanny!!! Even HHH liked it!
  • I went to a new house to supervise the clean today and I pissed off the lady's cat. Now usually pets just love me. Pets can recognize an animal person when they sniff 'em. I, however, bugged the crap out of this cat because she kept laying right where I had to dust and clean. It was funny and finally she got tired of me shooing her and hissed..... LOUDLY! The client had to come get her so I could finish cleaning! Poor kitty.
  • Morgan is having a friend over this weekend like her sister did the weekend before. More giggling to ensue!
  • We got the contract for the huge building. At a discounted price from what I had originally quoted, but still.... we got it. We, at the Green Company, firmly believe in haggling.
  • One of my employees Just got the terrible news that her son in law was in a horrible accident in Indiana. He fell asleep at the wheel of his truck coming home from work. He couldn't find work here in Florida after being laid off by the county, so he went to Indiana to find work while his wife and kids stayed here in Florida. Apparently he has been working so hard trying to send enough money back here to take care of his family that he was exhausted and dozed off while driving. She didn't have any more details than that, but now her daughter is going to Indiana to see if her husband is going to survive, (The truck was split in half.), and my employee is taking over care of her 3 grandchildren while that happens. I would appreciate any good vibes, prayers, and well wishes for her and her family if you could spare them.
  • We have a Inaugural Bout poster finally. It looks so cool. You can see it here.
  • Buy tickets and come to my bout. There will be beer, and food, and hot sweaty women!!!! YOU WANT TO BE THERE!!!!!!!
  • Because my employee is watching her grandchildren at the last minute, I have to go work Friday. 3 Houses, no nonsense, wham, bam, thank you ma'am. I am also not going to derby tonight because I am going to have to go to sleep early to do this. Thank goodness it's Friday!!
  • Good night!!

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delmer said...

Congratulations to your Student of the Month! It must make him feel good to know his hard work is being recognized.