Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Because I Said So!

UGH! Today was busy, busy, busy! Work was going strong all day. Towards the end I had two estimates and the days paperwork to get filed and then we were out the door.

After an evening where I had Junior being a jackass because we didn't go to Cici's pizza for dinner, and then an emo temper tantrum from my almost teenager because I wouldn't buy her the hoochie-fied devil girl costume from the local costume shop. What planet could she possibly be living on that she actually entertained the idea I would buy something like that for her?? What I don't get is how costume makers think it's ok for teen and pre teen girls to be showing their ass and boobs when they are just starting to sprout? It's sick what some of these costumes look like! Way too much skin, way too sexy, just a whole bunch of OH HELL NO!!! I bought her a long dress version of what she asked for and she cried. Cried! Then she said she was just going to wear regular clothes! Ugh! I can't win for losing.

At least tomorrow I get to go see Junior accept his award for Student of the Month. Expect plenty of photos tomorrow on Flickr & Twitter!


Finn said...

Don't you ask yourself sometimes who raised these people? Because it certainly wasn't us. Our kids would never behave like that. Would they? Ugh.

Blondefabulous said...

FINN: I imagine my mom would be laughing at me saying it's "My Turn" to deal with the angst and emo pre-teen crap. (If we still spoke, that is.)