Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back To The Matter At Hand.

So, After my week of awesome derby stuff, it's back to the important things in life, like HHH, work, and what I am going to wear to Avitible's Halloween party!! Yes as everyone can see.... Dr Allison from the movie "Evolution" won in the end. I don't know if it was the begging I did on line to get votes, or just the extra influx of readers I got from the hit due to Derby, but I ended up with a total of 26 votes. Cool never the less, though a bit small for a voter turn out.

Since it had been looking like Dr. Allison was going to win, I started to look for a costume to fit the character. I started in Spirit, a Halloween shop that is open from mid September to October 31st and I looked at their selection. I believe I blogged about it earlier and the fact that my BOOBS DON'T FIT!!!! IN ANYTHING!!!!! What good is it to lose 35 pounds everywhere else if my boobs won't fit in any of the cool costumes??? Bah! Finally, just when I was about to give up and employee of mine said to check out the local costume shop. A real, actual costume shop! Coolness. I went there and asked the nice German man for a real fire fighters uniform. There were rows upon rows of all kinds of costumes. It smelled of fabric and plastic as the treasures of the place glittered and beckoned from their hangers. Not one minute later, he comes back from the backroom with just what I need. SCORE!! I plunked down the rental fee right away and then started thinking about what kind of accessories I needed. First and foremost is a bottle of Head and Shoulders so I can kill me some alien scum! Then I started thinking about how HOT a fire fighter's uniform would be, so I'd need something to go under it! I looked around online and found an Evolution tank top! Cool! So now I have the whole thing together and the best part about the costume shop is I am picking up the costume on the 23rd and I don't have to take it back till November 2nd! I can be Dr. Allison all Halloween Season!

So, when Avitaween rolls around, watch out aliens! I will shampoo you to death!


Putz said...

i am so excited for halloween, i can hardly wait

Poppy said...

Yippy! Can't wait to see it! I definitely have a different costume than you. :D

metalmom said...

That is awesome! great costume!!