Monday, October 26, 2009

Back To Life.....

Back to reality.

And reality for me equals my boss finally being down here full time for the winter. Yeah, it's good to run things on my own and have a free hand, but there are so many decisions I need her input on, like finding a new window product since the company that makes ours decided to discontinue it, and there are vendors who would like to trot out their wares for us to try, but I don't make the final decision about stuff like that so I need here here for those people to bother HER while I try to run the day to day crap that goes on around here!

Whee for me.

I am finally starting to get over the tragedy that was Toby's death 7 days ago. It didn't help my mood this past weekend that several people asked about what happened. Each time I had to recount the horror that was my friends death in my arms, I died a little more myself. It was great that everyone asked about him and how I was holding up, I do appreciate that very much! I was hoping to have a day though where I could forget till he snuck up in my mind later though. I do have to say that Kim205 and Poppy really helped me. Kim gave me the sweetest little plaque of a woman holding a small brown dog, (I cried later that evening looking at it.), and I was able to talk to Poppy in the lobby later on and she convinced me that Toby isn't ever really gone from me, he's just dancing on my shoulder and snuffling my ears in heaven. (I am crying again just thinking about him.)

So needless to say, the week is starting out a little better than the last. I'd still rather have my friend with me, but I will survive. Another bright note was the concern and caring I have gotten from several clients! I had one tell me to call her if I was in a bad way and needed someone to talk to, another shared her experience with me about her traumatic loss, and yet another sent me a condolence card today. I have some of the best clients to work for ever!

And so I go into another week,.......


Poppy said...

Kim is awesomely thoughtful.

And Toby's doing a happy dance on your shoulder. :)

My Little Kitty does a dance on mine, and then she lays down and purrs in my ear. :) :) :)

Bubblewench said...

He will always be with you cause you loved him so much.

So glad Kim & Poppy were there for you. They rock.