Friday, October 30, 2009


As it is Halloween, we all have our spooky stories and bumps in the night to tell about. I have a few. Here is one......

Back when we lived in Memphis, I was working for a company called Miss Cordelia's. It was a gourmet grocery and restaurant. VERY chi chi! It wasn't big either, maybe the size of one of those large convenience stores, but it had a boutique feel to it so the rather well off clientele that went there could feel superior to the regular folks that had to shop off the island at the local Piggly Wiggly. (Don't Ask.) Now the place was located on an island, Mud Island to be exact. What I didn't know at the time was that Mud Island used to be a Tunica Indian burial ground. Once I found that piece of info out things I had seen began to make sense. Things like my hot chocolate cup being moved from the place where I had set it down not 1 minute ago, or the shadow of a person I thought I saw in the back stock room but when I went to see who it was, there was no one there, but the thing I will remember the most is the Hot Dog Bun Incident.

I had been there for around a little over a year and we had just finished a new remodel to make a large sit in eating area for the restaurant. Anyone with even an ounce of ghost knowledge can tell you that spirits dislike when people stir up things by remodeling or doing construction. I was an early morning opener, which meant I got there at 6am to get the restaurant open for the breakfast crowd. It was also a lonely hour of the morning. It's dark, most of the lights are off to save energy till time to open and there aren't too many people in there that early. I was cleaning and stocking the food stations for the later lunch rush when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was just a quick movement, over in the grocery part of the store, but it got my attention. I turned and didn't notice anything at first, but then my stomach dropped to the floor and my eyes turned into dinner plates as I saw it. There, hovering 8 feet in the air, was a pack of sunbeam hot dog buns. It had floated off the top shelf in the bread aisle, and was lazily hovering about 1 foot from the shelf itself. It stayed there for about a minute with me unable to tear my eyes off of it, then it dropped to the floor with a resounding thud. How soft hot dog buns made that loud a sound I will never know. After the noise a few of the other morning employees came over to investigate what was going on.... I couldn't speak. Did I really just see what I thought I saw?? If I tell these people are they going to think I am nuts??? I ended up keeping the incident to myself since I wasn't ready for a straight jacket and I went about my regular day, shaken but not too stirred.

Later on, I found out about the burial grounds, and that other employees had experienced occurrences much like mine. I wasn't so scared any more, but it was still creepy. Either or, that's my ghost story for Halloween. Everyone stay safe and play nice!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!


Ha ha.... I forgot to blog last night. Oh well.

It was a good night for Derby. I only went down once, problem was when I fell, my leg twisted in such a way that my calf muscle cramped big time. Add that to the fact that I couldn't move and I was down on the skate track and I was hollering for Redneck to call off the jam so I didn't get my ass run over!!! I am learning a lot lately thanks to the Bradenton players who have been coming over and helping us during practice. It's good to have others who know what they're doing to skate against. I can pick up pointers. One thing I have found is that I need to stay low, spread my legs, and stick my ass out and in the way. (GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!!) Hey, my flexibility has improved greatly so this isn't a problem. I am trying to take up as much space as possible so I can block the opposing jammer from getting past me to score! I also got my position last night. I am the inside lead blocker. At least I think that's what Redneck called it? Uh... yeah, we'll go with that! So I hold the inside line because that is the main artery that jammers try to use to get by the pack.

Hey! I'm excellent at being in the way!

So we have 4 more practices till our first bout on Nov. 14th. I. can. not. wait. Last night Blaque Jac kept hitting me to give me an idea of what I would be up against and afterwards she would ask if I was OK and everything. Man I was better than OK. That is fucking awesome!! Hitting and getting hit is awesome. The physicality of this sport is what beckons me to it. Yeah, I may be crazy, but after dealing with bitchy customers, employees, and people in general, having an outlet to channel all that towards is so freeing!!

Yep. I must be crazy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bang, Bang,....

Some bullets for you,..... enjoy!

  • I may not actually have help in the office. It seems that my boss's BIL's girlfriend may or may not be helping us in the office. Yesterday's shadowing of me wasn't so much of a training session, but an exercise in whether or not she was wanting to do the job. I was excited that I might have someone to man the office while I was out in the field or maybe take a day or two off when needed, (like last Friday before Avitaween.), but when I looked for her this morning, she didn't show. It seems Boss Lady said she was just having her "try it out" for the day, so I guess that means I am screwed if I get sick..... sigh
  • Yesterday's derby practice was totally frickin' awesome! I was hitting, turning, sliding, blocking, and it felt great! I couldn't get enough! Unfortunately I had eaten pizza beforehand and also forgot my water...... after about 5 turns at 2 minute jam drills, I wanted to hurl!!! Note to self.... don't eat pizza for dinner Thursday night!
  • Eating.... now there's a subject that has been pretty touchy for me. I have been joking on Twitter and Failbook that I am living on coffee & chocolate, but really.... that has been the majority of my meals! Oh, I eat something at dinner, but really, my food intake has gone down sizably. I think it may be linked to losing Toby. OK, I said I wasn't going to talk about that again.Moving on.....
  • I can't remember what I was going to write. I started watching the "Monsters vs. Aliens" Halloween special. It has captured my already short attention span. That reminds me, I need to watch my DVD of "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". The Robot Chicken version is funny as hell too!
  • I think I am gonna be Alice In Wonderland when I take the kids out trick or treating. On skates...... I gotta be me!
OK.... that's enough. Time to watch more Halloween specials!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


OMG!! I finally have help in the office!

This is exciting for me because if I ever got sick, or had an emergency, there was no one to man the office.... I take that back, I was still in the office, I was just here sick, sober, and sorry! LOL! Anyway, my boss's BIL's girlfriend is shadowing me this week to see what it is that I do. I do everything!!!!!! Ha ha ha. Well, maybe not everything, but a majority of it all. Apparently she is also going to go out with a cleaning crew to get the hang of how long stuff takes too. She went with me to an estimate today and I showed her how I do the time addition and estimation, what it is we charge, and how I come up with the number. It may take a few weeks , but we'll get her going here. I don't think she's going to be full time, but just knowing I can be sick at home is a nice feeling.

Other than that, I have just been going along right now. I keep having to explain about Toby to people and it's hurting a little less each time. Is that a good thing?? I don't want Toby's memory to ever fade from my mind, he was such a good little boy! I guess if the hurt fades and only the happy memories remain I'll have done something right. As it is, I'm still not ready for another pooch just yet. HHH is jumping on that bandwagon because it will help the kids to get past the tragedy. I need to think about them. I am a grown up after all, at least I think I am. Do grown ups bawl like little babies when they find a dirty smelly dog t-shirt in the couch cushions?

Yeah..... I think we do.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Back To Life.....

Back to reality.

And reality for me equals my boss finally being down here full time for the winter. Yeah, it's good to run things on my own and have a free hand, but there are so many decisions I need her input on, like finding a new window product since the company that makes ours decided to discontinue it, and there are vendors who would like to trot out their wares for us to try, but I don't make the final decision about stuff like that so I need here here for those people to bother HER while I try to run the day to day crap that goes on around here!

Whee for me.

I am finally starting to get over the tragedy that was Toby's death 7 days ago. It didn't help my mood this past weekend that several people asked about what happened. Each time I had to recount the horror that was my friends death in my arms, I died a little more myself. It was great that everyone asked about him and how I was holding up, I do appreciate that very much! I was hoping to have a day though where I could forget till he snuck up in my mind later though. I do have to say that Kim205 and Poppy really helped me. Kim gave me the sweetest little plaque of a woman holding a small brown dog, (I cried later that evening looking at it.), and I was able to talk to Poppy in the lobby later on and she convinced me that Toby isn't ever really gone from me, he's just dancing on my shoulder and snuffling my ears in heaven. (I am crying again just thinking about him.)

So needless to say, the week is starting out a little better than the last. I'd still rather have my friend with me, but I will survive. Another bright note was the concern and caring I have gotten from several clients! I had one tell me to call her if I was in a bad way and needed someone to talk to, another shared her experience with me about her traumatic loss, and yet another sent me a condolence card today. I have some of the best clients to work for ever!

And so I go into another week,.......

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Aftermath.

Hi there, Blondefabulous here with a little announcement....

I was scared shitless last night.

Yep. I was a barely functioning human last night at Avitaween. My apologies to everyone there because I was coming off as a stuck up bitch. It wasn't ya'll, it was me. See, I may sound outgoing and cool and all those other adjectives we use for the awesome people, but in real life, I freeze up and freak out. That was what was going on last night. Really awesome people like Hilly, Rachel316, and Bellaventa all came over and talked to me. God bless them, they were doing their damnedest to get me out of my shell, but I was already frozen and in full on hide out mode. I suck ass sometimes. Oh...... and Dave2 was 3 feet from me at one point and I was basically a statue. Of course, that could have been because I think he's a hottie. I definitely have trouble talking to people I think are H-A-W-T! I guess that's why I couldn't come up with good conversation with Finn either. Sheesh!
So I did think the party was awesome. Adam and his cohorts did a fan-frackin'-tastic job on all the decorations! The dying scientists were a nice touch too! It was all so cool to see. The drinks were good too. I especially liked the Specimen 37. It was my drink of choice for the evening.

So, in conclusion, I would like to apologize to everyone who thought I was acting like a stuck up, heinous bitch. I wasn't doing it on purpose. In fact, when I was with a small group of bloggers, I did totally awesome! HHN on Friday, and lunch at Bahama Breeze on Saturday afternoon was excellent and I didn't freeze up at all, so it had to be me getting overwhelmed that did it. Oh and don't worry.... HHH has said that I am going to next years Avitaween even if he has to drag me there. Apparently he wants to help me overcome my fears.

Love is a wonderful thing.

Who Has....

Two thumbs, no memory card, and was the lamest person at Avitaween?

This girl right here.

1. I have little to no photos because I was a stupid ass and forgot my memory card in my lap top back at the hotel.

2. I was too fucking afraid to actually talk to people at the party. Even after 2 doses of liquid courage, nada. If it wasn't for Rachel316 and Bellaventa coming over to talk to me I think I would have melted into the background and disappeared.

3. I really must NEVER tweet when I am depressed and at a rocking party. Even my husband texted me to tell me to stop tweeting because I sounded so pathetic. It's bad when that happens.

4. Bubblewench was awesome for waiting with me for my taxi to come and take me back to the hotel. She was drunk, and funny, and awesome to talk to. Thanks woman. I appreciated every word!

5. No one knew who the hell I was..... Costume wise, that is. Three quarters of the people here have never watched "Evolution" apparently. I was called a ghost buster, an EMT, and of course a fire fighter. Not one person realized my awesome movie reference, so I guess it wasn't as awesome as I thought. Costume will be going back come Monday morning. No sense keeping it till Halloween if no one will realize who you are.

6. Don't know if I can do this again. Everyone there was already friends, I kinda felt like an interloper, an outsider, or some kind of interwebz stalker. People I was so jazzed to meet didn't blink twice at me, so perhaps I will just stay behind my comfortable curtain. It's safer there.

I am going home ASAP tomorrow. Thanks for inviting me to Avitaween, Adam.... it was awesome. Your decor was bitchin'!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just A Little Filler.

Don't mind this. It's just filler because I expect to be at Avitaween till the wee hours of the morning and I am not going to have the oomph to do a post after that! I have to brush out my wig, and get my costume fitted too. Oh, and can't forget the Head & Shoulders! (Um... what is "shoulders" again?)

Kim205 is out and about, but after a hard derby practice on Thursday and Halloween Horror Nights on Friday, I am exhausted and my knees are screaming at me, "Bitch please!". Heh.... I guess I should have taken some icy hot or something. Poppy offered hers to me this morning on Twitter! Yay for awesome blog and tweet peeps!

So anyway, that is all for this edition. I will depose my Avitaween experience later for all of you anxious readers!!!!!


I Take Weird Photos When Drunk.

Well, I wasn't exactly drunk per se...... I was tipsy, recognized the signs of being tipsy, and finally ate something since ya know.... I hadn't eaten in about 24 hours. Yeah.... sometimes it's just like that.

So I finally got off to Altamonte Springs so I could go to Avitaween. I was an hour late getting started, but travel was quick and easy till I got into Orlando. Then it was a bitch. Traffic out the yin yang and it was only 3:30!!!! I guess rush hour starts early around here. I finally got to the hotel, got checked in, and got upstairs. As I was unpacking and putting my costume in the closet I heard the door rattle and it was my roomie, Kim205. She and I got together and mapped out a plan for the night. Meeting up with SheliaCSR, Linda, and her daughter Nicole and heading over to Universal. I got Kim her ticket for HHN, got us two free express passes and we were on like Donkey Kong baby! We hit several Haunted Houses, (Wolfman was pretty good.), Kim rode the Mummy, (I wonder if she held on to his lap bar, wink wink.), and we went through all the scare zones. The one wit the light up pumpkins all over the place and in the trees was really good. We took photos..... mine just suck ass because after we got to the park I had a jello shot in a little plastic baggie that resembled an IV bag. Too cute. I wasn't scared in the haunted houses though...... The effects were pretty awesome though. Excellent make up, costuming, and all that other stuff you'd come to expect from a major motion picture studio.

So now I am going to bed after a loooooooong day. 5:30 came way too early.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Thanks for reading BLONDEFABULOCITY. Right now Blondefabulous is working her fanny off to make sure she can get to Avitaween. This involves cleaning, washing, packing, and finalizing along with all of her other activities, such as Roller Derby, work, and family. Also add into that mix grieving for her beloved Toby and Blonde is a little busy. Check Twitter or Crackbook and you might catch her, but for now.......

I am not here.
(Heh... was I ever?)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In With The New.

So I have gotten through day 2 of life without Toby. yeah, I know you all are tired of hearing this by now, but I am still heartbroken. I only broke down twice today, so that was an improvement. I didn't turn into a sniveling mess while on the phone with a client either, which is a marked improvement as well.

Yesterday when I got home there was a beautiful flower arrangement on the kitchen counter. It was from the woman who was walking the dog that killed Toby. It expressed her condolences along with her family. It could have been a giant pile of gold for all I cared at that moment. It wasn't the cold, snuffly nose that always followed me around when I got home in the evenings. It wasn't the excited yips I used to get when I rattled the door knob. It wasn't him.

Today when I got home HHH was telling me about how all our neighbors were looking online, printing out pages from rescues, and even banding together to take up a collection to get me another dog. I am really appreciative of all the good work and well wishes, but as I looked at the photos and bios of Yorkies that they had printed out, I flipped to another page and there was a dog named Toby. OMG I lost my shit right there in the car! I'm not ready for another dog. I am still grieving my baby boy. My sweet fuzzy who I loved like a child, I am just not ready to replace him. Hell, I can't even keep food down yet! Well, the dinner I ate which consisted of BBQ pork and nothing else did stay down finally. We'll see how things go tomorrow.

So, that's where I'm at. Kind of a limbo place that hasn't gotten any better, but isn't any worse either. In other news, in an attempt to make me feel better, HHH took me to go buy new boots for my costume. I got pretty ones that I could wear after the party. And he bought me a new shirt too. I love that he was using retail therapy to try and make me feel better. The nookie later that evening was a pretty good way to forget for a little while too. Sigh...... I know it will get better, I just wish it got better faster.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Warm Fuzzies.

Don't let the name on this post fool you. This isn't a happy post. For me to tell you about what happened today is killing me right now, but before I get to the horror, Let me tell you about the happy first.

Toby came to us a bedraggled, leaf and stick covered mess while we lived in Memphis. One day, in the dead of winter, while I was at work in Miss Cordelia's, HHH came up to the door and motioned for me to come outside. I told my boss that I was going to go outside and as I did, HHH opened his coat and took out something that looked like a weird squirrel. It turned out to be Toby, a small 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier. HHH had come to me in the hopes that I knew who he belonged to. He had been wandering the streets in 28 degree weather. See, in Harbor Town, everyone brought their dogs to me at Miss Cordelia's because I was the inventor of home made, organic doggie treats that the store handed out to all of the neighborhood pooches. If anyone was going to know who he belonged to, it would have been me!

Off hand, I didn't know who he belonged to. After my shift was over, we took him over the bridge into Memphis to see the local vet and find out if he had a chip. Toby was a young, altered, healthy looking dog. Someone had to be missing him terribly!! We got to the vet and there was no chip! OMG! We left our phone number with the vet and started the process of making flyers and putting out ads in the paper. I carried his photo with me in case someone happened to go by saying how they lost their dog.

30 days passed and no one called. Wait, plenty of people called, but they all wanted me to give them Toby if I didn't find the owner. Uh... nah! He had grown on me. In just 30 days, this little 4 lb scrap of fur had snuzzled his way into my heart. I knew when a thunder storm was coming because he was scared of them and would climb under the covers with me way before the storms actually cracked their first bolt. He didn't like taking a bath, but he LOVED the hair dryer afterwards and would do a dance in the warm air as it blew at him! He loved to dress up in warm sweaters, a must for the frigid Memphis winters. He had a Christmas one, a football one, and an argyle one. He had a bomber jacket for when it snowed! He had t-shirts,and Halloween costumes, and as recently as yesterday, Halloween PJ's that I got for him at Target! The boy had his own wardrobe and his own drawer in the dresser!!!!!

Even when we were homeless, we took Toby. I can't even begin to account for all the funny things he did, from peeing on some one's leg he didn't like, to almost getting picked up by a hawk out in Wauchula. He was my little clown, my darling prince, Mr. Bad Hair Day!

Shoot on over to today. 6pm, in the waning dusk of a beautiful fall day in Florida. We get back from the market and as I go inside I tell one daughter to clean out the cat box and I tell the other daughter to walk Toby. They go about their assigned tasks as I unpack the bags. Suddenly I hear this screaming and crying from outside the door and there is my 10 year old screaming and crying that a dog attacked Toby and bit him. I take Toby from her arms and see he's bleeding from the nose and mouth. I yell for my older daughter to run and get HHH as I see the woman who was walking the dog that attacked Toby walking them up to my front door. All she can say is my daughter walked right up to her and her dog. Thanks, Lady. Make my 10 year old who is already screaming and crying feel even worse! I look down and see the life drain from my sweet baby's eyes and in the next moment..... he's gone.

And I can't stop crying.

The other dog broke his neck. One bite and that beast snapped my baby's neck in two. I know it's what dogs do, and I know it happens all the time, but damn it....THAT WAS MY PRECIOUS TOBY!!!! I held him for about an hour after he was gone. I wouldn't give him to HHH. I couldn't. I could. not. let. go. He was still wearing his Halloween PJ's and his Gator bandanna collar. We buried him in that. Wrapped in the towel I always dried him off with and covered in a beautiful pillow sham, I carefully placed him in my Skate box and closed the lid. Then we buried him. Well, HHH buried him. I couldn't do it. I had 3 children who were crying, with my 10year old feeling worst of all because now she thinks it's her fault for walking Toby over by the other dogs! This is a life lesson I was hoping was waaaaaaay down the line and I wouldn't have to teach them about any time soon.

So now I am sitting here, crying on and off. Not hungry, not thirsty, missing my best friend in his glow in the dark doggie Halloween PJ's. I love you Toby, I always will. You were the best little guy in the world and I couldn't have asked for a better dog. You were more than man's best friend, you were MY best friend.

Good Bye, Toby.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Week.

In a little over 5 days I will be driving over to Avitaween. I am going to get to meet my roomie, and a whole other host of people I only know from blogs and tweets. These are people who I have come to know by what they write and conversations I am privy to on Twitter. I'd like to say I know them, and that I am not nervous at all and I'll fit right in, but I gotta tell you, I am nervous. I'm starting to freak out at the thought of going somewhere by myself and trying to meet people for the FIRST time. I am having all the usual nervous feelings..... "OMG what if they think I'm a dork? What if I am just a lame-o wanna be blogger? What if no one likes me?"

Great. I'm in high school again.

Then there is the fact that I am going by myself to a place I usually go to with my family. Orlando is our get away place. We have annual passes for Universal & IOA. We have points at almost all the hotel groups around the parks. We know just how to go through the parks to get the most out of a visit. We get express passes gratis thanks to Universal's kindness to our diabetic children. This time, Kim and I (and who ever else she has gotten together.) are going to Halloween Horror Nights. I have never been, mostly due to not being able to get a sitter to be out so late at night. I'm gonna give it a whirl, but I bet I end up screaming like a little girl the whole evening. Guess I better buckle up buttercup!

So hopefully on Friday the 23rd, I'll be able to get all my stuff done at work, go pick up my costume from the costume shop, get the kids from school early because I need to get going early, and then off I go to face my fears and meet new/old friends.

Hmmmm..... still nervous.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh yeah baby! It is ON!!!!
Tickets are on sale here. Buy yours early and they are $10. They will be $12 at the door! If you go to the ticket site and use the code "chicken", you will get an additional $2 off of the advance price so tickets will be $8!!! Come on and buy up! You know you want to go!!!!!

If I can work it right.... I may have a surprise on here later having to do with the bout. We'll see.

Cryptic much?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Busy, Busy, Bullets.

  • Today my son accepted his award for being Student of the Month. He looked so darn cute doing it too. I was a very proud mama! (Like you couldn't tell from all the Twitter photo's I was tweeting.)
  • After the program, it was off to work and there the day went to busy land!
  • I was able to find the stealth BBQ spot this afternoon thanks to Twitter and the food critic from Creative Loafing! Nancy's Bar-B-Q kicks major fanny!!! Even HHH liked it!
  • I went to a new house to supervise the clean today and I pissed off the lady's cat. Now usually pets just love me. Pets can recognize an animal person when they sniff 'em. I, however, bugged the crap out of this cat because she kept laying right where I had to dust and clean. It was funny and finally she got tired of me shooing her and hissed..... LOUDLY! The client had to come get her so I could finish cleaning! Poor kitty.
  • Morgan is having a friend over this weekend like her sister did the weekend before. More giggling to ensue!
  • We got the contract for the huge building. At a discounted price from what I had originally quoted, but still.... we got it. We, at the Green Company, firmly believe in haggling.
  • One of my employees Just got the terrible news that her son in law was in a horrible accident in Indiana. He fell asleep at the wheel of his truck coming home from work. He couldn't find work here in Florida after being laid off by the county, so he went to Indiana to find work while his wife and kids stayed here in Florida. Apparently he has been working so hard trying to send enough money back here to take care of his family that he was exhausted and dozed off while driving. She didn't have any more details than that, but now her daughter is going to Indiana to see if her husband is going to survive, (The truck was split in half.), and my employee is taking over care of her 3 grandchildren while that happens. I would appreciate any good vibes, prayers, and well wishes for her and her family if you could spare them.
  • We have a Inaugural Bout poster finally. It looks so cool. You can see it here.
  • Buy tickets and come to my bout. There will be beer, and food, and hot sweaty women!!!! YOU WANT TO BE THERE!!!!!!!
  • Because my employee is watching her grandchildren at the last minute, I have to go work Friday. 3 Houses, no nonsense, wham, bam, thank you ma'am. I am also not going to derby tonight because I am going to have to go to sleep early to do this. Thank goodness it's Friday!!
  • Good night!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Because I Said So!

UGH! Today was busy, busy, busy! Work was going strong all day. Towards the end I had two estimates and the days paperwork to get filed and then we were out the door.

After an evening where I had Junior being a jackass because we didn't go to Cici's pizza for dinner, and then an emo temper tantrum from my almost teenager because I wouldn't buy her the hoochie-fied devil girl costume from the local costume shop. What planet could she possibly be living on that she actually entertained the idea I would buy something like that for her?? What I don't get is how costume makers think it's ok for teen and pre teen girls to be showing their ass and boobs when they are just starting to sprout? It's sick what some of these costumes look like! Way too much skin, way too sexy, just a whole bunch of OH HELL NO!!! I bought her a long dress version of what she asked for and she cried. Cried! Then she said she was just going to wear regular clothes! Ugh! I can't win for losing.

At least tomorrow I get to go see Junior accept his award for Student of the Month. Expect plenty of photos tomorrow on Flickr & Twitter!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

War Wounds.

Holy crap! I got a good bruise tonight at derby on my thumb. It's my own fault really. I was poking around the rink, going slow, taking it easy so that I didn't re-tweek my ankle and I tripped up on my own wheels. I skidded, dropped to my right knee, and went down, and in the process whacked my thumb really good on the floor. I laughed my ass off and got right back up. I didn't know I had hurt my thumb till I went to grab my water and it twinged a bit.

Right now it is a lovely light shade of blue, but by tomorrow it should be a really gnarly shade of purplish yuck! Whoo hoo. Gotta love the war wounds you get from skating!

Also another fun thing I had happen today was I got back a client. Oh, but this isn't just any client..... this was the client that called us up, bitched me out on voicemail, cursed at us and quit saying she would N-E-V-E-R use our service ever again! yeah well..... she called today and left a message that she wanted to come back and have us clean for her again and that she really liked our green service and oh can she start this week??? I laughed my ass off again. Then I called her up and scheduled her. I told Boss Lady what happened and she agreed with me that the woman must not have been able to find someone to clean her barn of a house for the low price we gave her. Either that or she couldn't find someone who would put up with her kind of crazy! Either way, I got a chuckle out of it all.

And that was Tuesday. This week just keeps getting better and better!

UPDATE! I posted a (bad) pic of my thumb this morning. Getting more color as the day wears on apparently!

Monday, October 12, 2009


What do you get when you place one rabid Gator Alumni/fan in a hotel room with one rabid Auburn Alumni/fan, mix liberally with happy fun adult beverages, add a scary romp to the Horror capital of Central Florida, and wrap it all up with the bitching-est Halloween shin dig imaginable??

You get Blondefabulous and Kim205 taking over Orlando for Avitaween!!

Whoo whoo! Kim said she'd be my roomie. It is going to be a swinging time to say the least!I have to try and get out of work early, but aside from that, it's going to be a blast.

In other news, I may have landed the account of my life today! I had an early estimate at a building in downtown this morning. I thought it was just for one office in the building. NOPE! It was for the whole building! All 4 floors! And it wasn't just for once a week, or once every other week like our other jobs........ THE GUY WANTS US TO DO THE BUILDING EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! Awesome! So, one 4 story building at ($340 a day x 5 days)x 4weeks a month = OMG!!!!!!! Let's just say Blondie will be getting a bonus if she lands this! And to make it even better, I will be able to hire 2 more people in this craptastical economy and give them a job! Totally awesome!

Then, I turned on my Twitter stream when I got back to the office and saw that I had won a phone from Virgin Mobile. Yep. The other day they had a tweet asking what your favorite color for a cell phone was and I tweeted back red. Red, red, red, red, red! Then I saw today I had a few DM's, checked it out, and I won! Cool! I'm probably going to give it to HHH because his phone is a FPOS!

So my Monday started off pretty darn great. Now if the week will just follow suit!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lock It Up.

I don't like going out by myself. Never did. I always went places with other people. I am just not that independent. I need conversation, interaction, someone to bounce off of so to speak. When I had a relationship, I went all in for the long haul. I didn't have a slew of B/F's in grade school and college, I had one for a looooong time or I didn't have one at all. My relationships went into years, and my current marriage is going on the big 1-0 this coming year. I prefer being with my family and going out to do derby has been the biggest gamble of my life because even though I talk a big game, every week I go in there thinking they are going to call me out as a poser and kick me out. Yeah that will probably never happen.... but my mind I am deathly afraid that people are going to reject me, so I don't put myself out there and I never have. Let's just say watching my family and it's dysfunctional madness cured me of wanting to try and get approval from others. People are just gonna use you, abuse you, and lose you. Now I know not everyone is like that, and I have been trying to work on my feeling like that. (thus, Derby.) Another way I am trying to work on it is Avitaween.

In a little less than 2 weeks I am going to leave work and drive to Altamonte Springs and go to the amazing event called Avitaween. There will be bloggers there from around the country. It is going to be so cool. I am also going to meet some of the people who helped my family when we were basically living on the street. That will be so awesome.... to meet people in person and thank them for helping me when I was so desperately sad I wanted to jump off a bridge. Still, there are those nagging feelings that tell me that everyone is just going to look at me when I walk in and laugh their collective asses off. You know, the adult equivalent of giving a speech in front of the class in your underpants.

Oh yes, I have had anxiety about all this. Add that to HHH not feeling totally comfy with me going somewhere by myself and you have one messed up blonde here. I don't know.......

Maybe I should just stay home?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Got Nothing.

Today was spent pretty much doing nothing. Got up, made breakfast, got dressed, had some quality time w/HHH , and then took the kids to the Asian Culture Festival at Ringling.

The festival was good. The Chinese acrobats were excellent. There were activities there for the kids to do, like Japanese painting & Origami, Chinese Kite making, and Tibetan Prayer Flag making. The kids loved it. Unfortunately, in the hot Florida sun, it was getting way too heated and we had to leave before the kids got too hot. I apparently chose a good time to leave too... because right as we left, kids started dropping like flies! We saw one little girl getting medical attention in the Art Museum lobby, then another child not doing well in the Visitor's Center! Call it my uncanny mom senses.... but I knew it was time to go.

Then after we got home, HHH told me the best news I had heard since my son told me he got Student of the Month........(Yes I had to plug that again!) The new Pei Wei was finally open here in Sarasota!!! Well, technically Lakewood Ranch but who cares! Whoo hoo! I love Pei Wei! I fell in love with it when we lived in Stuart and now I am able to get my spring roll fix again I am in heaven. I told the kids we were going there for dinner to round out the Asian cultural experience for the day!

OK, so maybe I did have something to say. A nice family day. Love it when we have those days!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Kid Is Better Than Your Kid!!

This young man.... this paragon of intelligence and cuteness...... this darling little boy....


Yes, my little man, who just last week choked the crap out of some asshole bully who apparently deserved it, is a going to be accepting the Student of the Month award for his grade next Thursday!!!! How totally awesome is that?

So look for my tweets next Thursday and perhaps a photo or two from a proud mama as her little man accepts his certificate and brings me what I hope is the first of many stickers for the back of our van.

My student of the month can kick you honor student's fanny!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Because I'm Graceful Like That!

So.... yeah. Not going to Derby practice tonight. I am such a graceful swan, I messed up my ankle today at work. And not even in the kind of way where it's sounds cool when you tell people about it. Like when you can say, "Duuuuude! I totally f*cked my ankle up doing a massive hit in Derby last night! It was sweeeeeeeeet!" Nope. Can't say that. I tweeked my ankle Washing the laundry at the end of the day in the office. Yep I turned wrong while loading up the dryer and rolled the left ankle. It kind of hurta little,but nothing major. Then I went to move and rolled the right ankle as well.... and that one DID HURT!


And there was practice tonight.

Double frack.

So now I have it propped up and resting. It looks just lovely in the craptastical photo above. I am going to take lots of tylenol and a sudafed so I don't feel it throbbing and I am going to go to bed early so hopefully it doesn't feel like crap tomorrow when I have a house to go clean. Sheesh.

I thought derby was going to improve my balance!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The First Time....

I have never owned a coffee pot.

Let me say that again....


Yes, this seems like an incredulous thing, I know, but in reality I didn't start liking coffee till just recently. Like about a year ago. So now there is a photo of my new coffee pot. I think I'll name it Buck. Now I am going to program Buck to have my coffee brewed at 5:45am and I bet my day will go so much better.

That is all.
I need to go try out Buck now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Between work and family and derby.... my life has gotten pretty insane. With the whole new hobby I have sort of come into my own, but I am beginning to think it may be a mid life crisis sort of thing. Then I shake my head and say....naaaaaaaah!

When I was a kid in 5th grade, I CLEARLY remember that on career day, I dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, brought my skates to school and declared I wanted to grow up to be a Roller Derby Girl! So now I just say to myself "I'm just living up to my childhood goals!"

Yes, there were jello shots after practice again tonight! Sorry if it is making me ramble.

I also have to go to a green realtor conference tomorrow and hand out information about our office cleaning service. Not that thrilled about that. I'm not good in multi person, new environment type situations. I get mucho nervous. Guess I'll just have to bite the bullet.

OK... time to sleep

Monday, October 5, 2009


Monday wasn't starting out to be too great. Our upstairs neighbor had spent the weekend thumping and banging away at the floor/ceiling the entire time, so why should 2:30am on a day I have to get up early for work be any different? I finally gave up the premise of sleeping and got up at 5:30am to start the day. I got lunches made, I got school clothes together, I read my inbox,.... the usual morning fare. I finally got the kids up at 6 to start getting them ready and I got everyone in the car on time. This is important for me. It is one of my goals I have written down for my $300 an hour business coach I take lessons from. (Free mind you, because he's my bosses husband.) We all get in the car and start driving out to school/work.

Where we live, the roads are wide and long. They stretch out into the sunset in the afternoons, lined with trees, lush grasses, and walking and biking trails. This also leads to speeding by drivers using the roadways. There are always speed traps and those side of the road "Your Speed Is...." machines out there. I am of the kind where I drive the speed limit. No if's, and's, or but's about it. I don't need the ticket, don't need the hassle, just. don't. need. it. I also follow the rules of the road, like yielding, not turning on red in a crosswalk, signaling my intentions, etc, etc.... You know, the sinle, common sense stuff. As I do this, I usually explain what I am doing to my almost 13 year old, because she will be driving in a few years, and all the information she can get is a good thing. Teach her now so it is easier later.

This morning I am approaching the light at our long road where it comes out on Tamiami Trail in Sarasota. As I was approaching the corner, the Tamiami side turned yellow. OK. Great. I'll get the light. The other side of the street, the oncoming traffic, starts out first. No problem, I'll wait till it turns for us because I had turned here before, only to almost be hit by someone deciding at the last minute they really wanted to turn, not go straight.


Some jerk behind me is honking at me to go when clearly, I do not have to if I don't want to. There is no law saying that you HAVE to turn right on red. Sorry game over.

I make the turn and so does jerk face. He speeds up till he is riding my bumper so I tap my brakes and slow down because I think he wants to go around me. Nope. He gets even more aggressive and begins to flash his brights on and off, blinding me, then whips it into the nearest gas station. Never one to back down, but more curious than ever, I pull into the other driveway of the same gas station and park next to the jerk. I roll down my window and as politely as I do when I am on the phone with a business client, I ask...

"Excuse me sir. Was there something you would like to tell me?"

His answer....

"Yeah! Learn how to fucking drive. You can't drive for shit. You're supposed to turn right on red."

Me: "Well there is no law that says I have to turn right on red. I was waiting for the light."

Him: "Don't be a child and learn how to fucking drive you bitch."

And with that he gave me the finger and waltzed into Dunkin Donuts. The thing that got me though.... he said all this and did all that with his son in the car. The boy looked to be 13 or 14 and he looked like he thought it was all funny, hilarious even.

Now, I am the first to admit that driving now a days sucks ass. Hell, I have blogged about it more than once! Driving is frustrating at best and down right infuriating at worst. I have had my share of fist shaking moments, but I don't think I have ever willfully put someone in harms way just so I could save a few minutes getting to my morning doughnut and coffee. Is this the example we give our kids? It's OK to put someone else in danger because you REALLY need that soy latte? It's alright to bully people with your car when they aren't doing what you think is right? Putting someone and their family in danger is OK because they have it coming?

This is the best we have for our children today?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Last Minute.

Today was interesting. My daughter, the eldest, told me she had to make a food product from the cook book her study group made for language arts class. Oh and she needed it MONDAY! Thanks baby. Mommy appreciates that you waited till the last minute to tell her this when she has had one of the busiest weeks of her life! We ended up making Halvas, which resembled cinnamon cream of wheat to me. It was made with high gluten content Semolina flour so it was also basically poison to me. I guess it is going to turn out OK. I'm certainly not going to try them, but Rebecca is taking the finished product, that she swears tastes good, to school tomorrow for extra credit or something.

Upstairs neighbor has been semi quiet lately. Saturday morning he was loud as shit from 4:30am till 5:30am, but Sunday morning all we heard was one thump at 5am and that was it. I am chalking all this up to weekend drinking causing the bad behavior. Perhaps Sunday morning he just passed out where he fell, therefore accounting for the 1 thud. Anyway, I was about 5 minutes from going upstairs and asking him not so politely to shut the hell up on Saturday morning. Hey, I have pads and a mouth guard now..... don't fuck with my sleep when I have had almost none during the week!

For Sunday, we are just smoking a few chickens, taking it easy, watching some football, and playing Wii. You know, a nice family kind of day, except when we had to go to Wall to Wall Mart and my kids pissed me off. I had already said I was going to make chocolate chip cookies after dinner, but do they,(My loving children), remember this?? NOOOOOOO! They start bothering HHH for ice cream and brownies and all kinds of sweets! Thanks kids. Mommy really enjoys the brush off. Go bug a freakin' Keebler Elf for your cookie fix from now on.

So now I am just killing time till dinner. Then it is early to bed so I can get up and start the week. This one is hopefully not going to be as busy, thank goodness! Every once in a while I need to catch my breath!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back To The Matter At Hand.

So, After my week of awesome derby stuff, it's back to the important things in life, like HHH, work, and what I am going to wear to Avitible's Halloween party!! Yes as everyone can see.... Dr Allison from the movie "Evolution" won in the end. I don't know if it was the begging I did on line to get votes, or just the extra influx of readers I got from the hit due to Derby, but I ended up with a total of 26 votes. Cool never the less, though a bit small for a voter turn out.

Since it had been looking like Dr. Allison was going to win, I started to look for a costume to fit the character. I started in Spirit, a Halloween shop that is open from mid September to October 31st and I looked at their selection. I believe I blogged about it earlier and the fact that my BOOBS DON'T FIT!!!! IN ANYTHING!!!!! What good is it to lose 35 pounds everywhere else if my boobs won't fit in any of the cool costumes??? Bah! Finally, just when I was about to give up and employee of mine said to check out the local costume shop. A real, actual costume shop! Coolness. I went there and asked the nice German man for a real fire fighters uniform. There were rows upon rows of all kinds of costumes. It smelled of fabric and plastic as the treasures of the place glittered and beckoned from their hangers. Not one minute later, he comes back from the backroom with just what I need. SCORE!! I plunked down the rental fee right away and then started thinking about what kind of accessories I needed. First and foremost is a bottle of Head and Shoulders so I can kill me some alien scum! Then I started thinking about how HOT a fire fighter's uniform would be, so I'd need something to go under it! I looked around online and found an Evolution tank top! Cool! So now I have the whole thing together and the best part about the costume shop is I am picking up the costume on the 23rd and I don't have to take it back till November 2nd! I can be Dr. Allison all Halloween Season!

So, when Avitaween rolls around, watch out aliens! I will shampoo you to death!

Friday, October 2, 2009


So today went famously awesome! I had to clean 3 houses today but because the newspaper came out with the above photo I was in good spirits! I then had to go back to the office,change into my derby outfit, and get my fanny over to the Hollywood 20 in downtown Sarasota for the premier of "Whip It". We were skating outside the theater and in, giving away t-shirts, stickers, movie posters, and free skate passes. We were getting a lot of attention for the Roller Derby. We also got creepy attention too.... but that is to be expected when you have hot women in short skirts and fishnets on skates.

After being out there for about an hour, I saw a familiar face or two in the crowd!!! Nicole, AKA Mommielicious had come with her sister to see me and the movie!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! I had the girls hook them up with swag and shirts before they went to go have dinner and see the movie! I totally want to thank her and her sister for coming out to the movie! She also volunteered her husband to help the Rollergirls with the web site. Mommielicious totally rocks.

So now I am home and tired. My feet hurt a little and I plan on sleeping in tomorrow. I just have to say....


Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Is How We Roll!

Holy Crap! I can't believe how great Derby is going. I am officially announcing that I passed my first set of skills testing and am now a full fledged roller girl! Yep! Me, the band geek who got out of PE by being in band! Whoo hoo!!! Now my name and application gets sent to nationals and Blondefabulous will be my official roller girl name!

Also happening around the rink.....

We had our photo shoot for the Sarasota Herald Tribune tonight at 6pm. It was freakin awesome! We skated around, the guy took photos and video, he interviewed a few of us, we did some posed shots and then he took down our names and derby names, and the best part is, barring anyone famous dying......
WE ARE GOING TO NE ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!!! Holy crap, yet again! The guy also took a few close up shots of things like a skate, some of the girls tats, and he was fascinated with my fishnets! Weird right. Oh and the whole time we were out there people were asking us about what we were doing, where we practice at, etc etc.... and if we generate that much attention just doing photos, then tomorrow at the MOVIE PREMIER we should be blowing the roof off the place. And to make it even better the manager of the Applebee's located right next door to the movie theater asked the Roller Girls to come for ladies night after the movie premier and drink all night for $5!!! Can't beat that with a stick!

OK.... I have to get some sleep. I have a full slate of work tomorrow and then all the derby stuff! I can't wait!!! I'll update this blog with a link to the photos in the paper when they post it online!