Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Tuesday was a day that was.

1. get everyone to their appointed destinations.
2. get to work.
3. get everyone at work out to where they need to go.
4. run to go get a $110 toner cartridge. (FUCK!)
5. run to get more organic, green shower cleanser.
6. run to clients house to re clean shit the girls missed the first time.
7. run back to the office to do paperwork I couldn't do yesterday because frackin printer ran out of toner.
8. run and get kids from school.
9. get back to office and start laundry from teams coming back in.
10. get heinous nasty voicemail from pissed off client firing us and using profanity to do it.(bitch!)
11. call team leader who cleaned said bitches house and play voicemail for her so she can get lit and pissed off. More company the better!
12. putz around till 5:30 so I can go pick up 3rd child at ballet and go home.
13. go home and eat and get ready for derby. (I LOVE derby!)
14. dress in appropriate hooker clothes for derby. This means fishnet stockings, knee high socks, tank top, & cut off shorts.
15. pray i don't get stopped by a cop while driving to derby dressed like a hooker.
16. have an awesome derby practice! Did some hitting, some pushing, and one fall. It was a great fall though! Landed on the fun bags!
17. drive back home after derby. Miss it already!
18, shower, AGAIN, Sweat is sexy right?
19 get in bed and start feeling all the aches.
20. Go the hell to bed right after posting another bullet post!

Oh and just so everyone knows.......I WIN BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

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