Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That's Comedy Folks.

So, I'm gonna talk Derby for a moment or two right now. This Thursday is the Sarasota Roller Girls fundraiser at McCurdy's Comedy Club. We are raising money for our club since we are just starting out. It takes quite a bit of money to do this and yes we buy our own gear and all that, but insurance, rink time, dues for the national association all add up. Fund raisers take the edge off all that for us. It should be a fun night. The performers are going to be doing Derby centric routines, we are all going to dress up in our Derby finest, (read: hooker/slutty), and it should be a pretty good night! It is also HHH's birthday, so I can kill two birds with one stone!

Practice was great tonight. There were two guys from a sports radio show called "Mike & the Machine" there interviewing Redneck, who is our organizer and leader, about what we are doing, what derby is, and how often we practice. Hey, the more press we can get the better. OOOOOHHHHH! We also got our shirts today!!! It looks so cool. I have to adjust mine a little so it looks cool. The collar is a little tight so that will have to go. We are all wearing them to McCurdy's Thursday night.

So now I am tired and sore. My ankle was tweeked from doing 15ft windows all day today and then we were hitting and shoving during practice today. One of the girls was AWESOME and brought jello shots again!! Whoo hoo! Time to self medicate!

Good night my sweets! If anyone wants to buy tickets to the comedy club on Thursday, email me!!!!!!

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Nicole said...

Aww Happy Birthday to HHH! (It's my hubby's bday too!) I'd love to get to McCurdy's, but we don't have anybody to watch the kiddos :(