Saturday, September 5, 2009

So I Am.....

..... sitting here with a glass if white wine, listening to the simmer of the pots on the stove. I'm making Braised Mediterranean Chicken. It is KILLING me with how good it smells! I will have to keep this recipe.

On a more sour note, I had to go in to work today to finish up some of yesterday's stuff that was left when I had to take my boss to the airport. I also had to redo the laundry since it smelled yucky! That was 2 and a half hours I'll never get back. Before that though,we all went to the IHOP over by the office for some breakfast.

Now, breakfast is the easiest meal for a Celiac sufferer to deal with. Eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, home fries, grits, ...... these are all gluten free! Yeah you can't have pancakes or french toast, but a hearty breakfast is still possible without them. IHOP was having a promotion with the NFL. They had omelette's available with all kinds of fillings! Yummy! Just one problem. The omelet mix had pancake batter in it to..."Make the omelet lighter and fluffier." Rats. Can't have that. When our server came by, I asked about the possibility of having our omelette's made without the pancake batter in it. "Sure!" the guy replied. "No problem." He even came back and said the kitchen was going to use fresh eggs for Morgans omelet. Great! That took a load off my mind. I sat back and sipped my coffee while HHH and Junior played games on the kids menu. The food arrived and we all dug in. It was awesome. I got the spinach and cheese omelet. It was delicious! We ate everything and then got up to pay and leave.

Later in the day, I started feeling sick. Stomach sick. Celiac sick. Then I thought back and remembered, the waiter said they were going to make MORGAN'S omelet with fresh eggs. He never said anything about mine! Oh crap. So now I am miserable. I was almost REALLY miserable in Wall to Wall Mart! That was another hell all to it's own.

As I was going to the bathroom with Morgan and we went in. As we were making use of the facilities, I heard someone come in. Then they went to leave, but apparently they got stuck. Yes some genius old lady drove her Wall to Wall Mart jazzy into the bathroom entrance and got it stuck. THEN she started having a freak fit about it! She was loudly telling anyone and everyone that Wall to Wall Mart was responsible for her being stuck in the curved entrance to the bathroom when clearly anyone who saw what happened could see that the old biddy shouldn't have drove the jazzy in there in the first place! Then it took 2 store employees to help get her off the jazzy and then actually pick it up and drag it out of the bathroom! Holy crap. Morgan and I were a captive audience to this because we were stuck in the bathroom because of this lady's stupidity. After they got her out, they let her get back on the jazzy. I wouldn't have given it back to her! Really people! Where was she going to get it stuck next. Wait..... I don't want to know.

So that was my day. Now to try and relax with my dinner. My gluten free dinner. At least when I make it, I know it is gluten free for sure!

Shame on IHOP!


Poppy said...

I think that constitutes as a bad day!

I personally had an awesome day for the two of us. Hope today is much more work- and gluten- and jazzy-free!

phinz said...

If there's a way to f*** something up, SOMEone will find it. That applies to the jazzy woman. My God, and people like that actually breed . . .

Sorry about your omelette. That's bad.