Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shoot 'Em Up!

  • People act differently now when I tell them where I live. Yes it is in a nicer neighborhood, but I am still the same. It's mostly the snootier customers of the cleaning company. I mention I live on Palmer Ranch and they suddenly change their whole demeanor. It's weird and kind of sad.

  • My boss thinks I am doing a great job. Whew!

  • I finally let the flaky girl go on Tuesday. She didn't even call on that day to tell me she wasn't coming in. Just left it hanging there. Boss Lady said it was time to cut her loose. I guess I'll be doing more interviews.

  • My husband is freakin' AMAZING in bed!!

  • There are some really creepy people who hang out at the comic book store down the plaza from our offices. By creepy I mean pimply faced 20 year old's hanging out in front of the place waiting for it to open.... which would be in another 2 hours! Now that there is a tattoo place right next door, these same pimply faced kids can get their favorite mage or orc tattooed on their ass later after they finally emerge from the darkend depths of the storeroom where there are wifi hookups for playing WoW for hours on end!


  • All of my clothes are falling off of me.

  • Bullets are the easiest post to do when you have spent the evening at the pool, then in bed with your totally awesome husband! This is why I married a younger man.


Nicole said...

hey! I play WOW for all hours of the night....but not by leaching off the free WiFi at Panera's or Starbucks though!!

Nicole said...

Oh yeah and my main IS a Mage, but she's not tattooed on my butt!!

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: Yeah, but are you salivating outside of a comic book store for TWO hours waiting for it to open so you can play WoW? Nope, you have a real life. I'm afraid these guys just don't, and it's contributing to the stereo type.

Christina LMT said...

Sure, rub it in that you have an HHH!

Evil woman. ;)

Anonymous said...

Making my rounds...haven't done that in a while! I'm currently dating a younger man...oooowweee! ::giggles:: I'll leave it at that. LOL