Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rollin' Hot & Sweaty!

So, I haven't mentioned Derby on here for awhile. Here you go.

Derby is Frickin'. Awesome.

I have been going to practice every Tuesday and it has been soooooo cool! So totally awesome. We are getting better and better at our drills, working on our skills and starting to gel as a team. Then there's the fact that I get to get out of the house for something that's all for me. Selfish, yes...... but the exercise is worth it and HHH doesn't mind. (Thank you honey.)

Now we have a few events lined up for this month and next. On the 24th we are having a fundraiser at McCurdy's, which is a comedy club here in Sarasota. We're selling tickets for $10 a piece and get to keep all the money. The club makes money on the event by having a 2 item minimum. The guy who is featured that night will be doing roller girl material and we'll all be there dressed up in our Derby gear. If any one wants to come, just leave a comment and I can get you tix!

Support your local Sarasota Roller Girls!!!!

Also.... on October 2nd there is a little movie coming out called "Whip It". It stars and is directed by Drew Barrymore and also has Juliette Lewis in it and Ellen Page. It's about a small town girl turning to roller derby after the pageant scene gets ugly. When it premiers here in Sarasota, The Sarasota Roller Girls are hosting it along with the Buzz 105.9. Once again, we are going to be in full roller derby gear and getting the word out to everyone about our new league here in Sarasota! I suggest everyone who reads this hop in their nearest motorized conveyance and get their ass to the Hollywood 20 in downtown Sarasota on October 2nd and.... once again, support you local roller girls!

And that's been pretty much it so far. I get a great work out and have fun at the same time. It's awesome! I highly suggest it!

Ya'll see me rollin'... Don't be hatin'!


Nicole said...

OMG Roller Chicks and The Buzz!?!? Oh you kin bet yer sk8z I'm gonna get there!

Finn said...

Stop with the selfish crap! It's OK to take time to do something for you, whether for pleasure or exercise. Life is to be lived, not just worked.

If I hear you say that again, I'm coming up there and push you off of your skates.

Hey, October 2 is my anniversary. Maybe a romantic trip to Sarasota for a movie premiere?