Friday, September 11, 2009

Road Rage 2.

I constantly have to remind myself every day that I am not allowed to have road rage in the toaster. These idiots here in Sarasota make it so frickin' hard though.

Yesterday, I was coming out of a driveway. There was a large pick up truck in front and to the left of the Toaster. Since I was wanting to turn right, and he indicated he wanted to go left, I pulled up a little more so I could make my turn. I also realized that the truck was so large that if I pulled all the way up to the line, I wouldn't be able to see past him to oncoming traffic, so I stayed back a ways so I could see behind him and see what was coming my way. Well there was quite a bit of traffic coming my way! So I sat back and kept an eye on the traffic waiting for a chance to pull out.


What the hell was that??


Um are they honking at me???


Oh hells to the no that bitch is not honking at me like I am an idiot just sitting for no reason!


Oh yes she was! This harried bitch was honking at me because I wasn't jumping out in traffic and having a huge ass wreck just so she could speed along to what ever fruity appointment she was late for due to her own stupidity!!!


I got so pissed off I actually threw the car in park and opened my door to get out and smack that woman a new taste in her mouth!!! Two things stopped me.....

1) I still had my seat belt on.
2) I was in the company car wearing the company uniform.

Yeah. Kind of hard to beat the crap out of some bitch who desperately deserves it and get away with it when you have your company name and logo plastered all over you and your vehicle. F*ck! I still would have liked to have smacked her.

Then today as I was coming back from an estimate in the far reaches of Sarasota when I got stopped at one of the red lights by I-75. As I was sitting at the light I could hear the sirens of an emergency vehicle in the distance. I look around and see a fire truck getting off the interstate. I look at the light and see that my light will be green before he gets to it so I think to myself, "Well, I'll just sit through my green till they pass." Apparently I was the only person thinking this because the other two cars in the two lanes next to me started taking off as soon as the light turned green!! The fire truck had to sound the horn 3 times before these rocket scientists stopped and let him go past! WTF??? When has it EVER been OK not to let an emergency vehicle pass???What if it had been their loved ones the truck was rushing to? I bet they'd be pissed if someone didn't move then!

I do quite a bit of driving now and it just kills me to see flaky shit like this.

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phinz said...

I HATE when that crap happens--I used to deliver flowers and had to watch my hand gestures in the van all the time--I still MADE them, but they were below the dash.

Fuck those impatient people. Just ignore them; it's just about all you can do.

ONe of the nice things about all the traffic here in LA is that people have realized that howns are basically futile and you rarely hear them any more!