Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hump Day, Schmump Day.

OK. So as I mentioned on Facebook & Twitter, yesterday sucked sweaty balls. It was so damn bad I was shot by the end of the day and had to have HHH take me out to dinner so I could get a little liquid fortification! That has to be bad! I'll explain.....

I had already woken up tired. The night before was derby practice and we have been going all out in the past weeks doing blocks, take downs, and all the fun physical stuff. Unfortunately that takes a toll on the body and by the time my Tylenol PM kicked in it was almost midnight. Yeah. I get up at 5:45am. So after a little less than 6 hours of sleep I was up getting the kids ready and trying not to fall back to sleep. I got everyone to their respective school places on time and then I drove to the office thinking to myself, "Oh I may just take a nap after everyone leaves for the day." With this thought in mind, I get to the office and see my first emergency. There is no coffee. F%CK! As I am lamenting this poor turn of events, the girls start coming in and I have to explain it to them as well. I then start doing the paperwork for the next day,(I am always a day ahead), and as I am doing this the teams are going out the door and I am telling them to have a nice day.

5 minutes later, I get a call from S the team leader. Their car was just rear ended at a stop light. I tell her to hold on, I'll be right there and I hop in the car and start down the road. When I got to the accident, it didn't look like much. But you can never tell when it comes to inside damage. The woman that hit the girls is all, "Do we have to call the police? We can just let it go cause I don't see any damage.". Um, NO! This is a company car, covered by fleet insurance. We will NOT let this go. We wait and wait for the police to get there, and when a trooper finally shows even he is trying to get us not to report the crash. Um, hello?? WRITE UP THE DAMN REPORT!!! Finally I get the girls to come over and the fact that the woman is saying she didn't hit them hard, but my girls are saying yes she bashed them convinces the officer to write it up! 15 minutes later the girls are on their way to their job and I am on my way back to the office.

I get to the office and see the new girl K waiting outside the door. I ask where team leader T is and she says she hasn't seen her yet. I get into the office and see the message light blinking. Yep. It's Team Leader T calling to say she got food poisoning from some bad Chinese food. So now I have to get a car loaded up and head out and clean two houses. The first one went OK, but the last one........ oh my sweet baby Jebus!

We get there and at first it was OK. Then the woman's husband comes home and they proceed to argue LOUDLY! I'm talking full on name calling, yelling, shouting, the works. K and I were cleaning and trying not to listen, but it was impossible. Then as we were doing the floor, we started getting in a hurry so we could get the hell out of there. Unfortunately as the people were moving to another part of the house the husband spied a spot on the kitchen floor and proceeded to lay into me. It was all I could do to bite my tongue and not smack the crap out of that pompous ass! I took deep breaths and said we'd re-mop the kitchen and the man went back to berating his wife. We finished up and got the hell out of there. By that time I was hot, sweaty, and beyond tired, AND I still had to finish up the paper work I didn't get done because I had to run out to the wreck. After I got everything done it was just fricking suck for the day. Sweaty ball kind of suck. The whole day was just shot. Lucky for me HHH texted me that he was taking me out for dinner. I thought that was a good idea. I needed some liquid feel better juice disguised as a margarita. Seeing as how I tweeked my ankle at derby practice and had to run on it all day, the margarita was sounding better and better! So, I packed up the kids and myself and headed home. Done with the craptastical day finally!

So, like I said on Twitter and Facebook, my day sucked sweaty balls, how was yours??


Putz said...

it is so good to see that your days go so smoothly...after putting my head under a pillow for most of the day, i had a wonderfull dinner cooked by my slave wifeee,,,that is about it

phinz said...

NOBODY'S day could have sucked more than yours.
You win.
Or lose.
No--WIN because of the margaritas!!!