Friday, September 18, 2009

Houston, We Have A Problem.

As some of you may know, I have recently dropped 30 pounds. It wasn't some miracle of science or a dieting mecca that helped this happen, it was the fact that I got a job that required I move around all day. When you clean for other people and adjust your diet to remove all of the unhealthy carbs that are trying to kill you, you tend to drop some weight. My knees and feet thank me every day. HHH is especially appreciative.... wink wink..... you know what I mean! There is a defined reduction in my ass and thighs and belly, but there is one place that hasn't budged. My rack. And therein lies my dilemma......

I went to the local costume emporium tonight to see if they had the ones I need for my poll... you know... Ventress, Leia, Super Girl, Dr. Allison, & Trek Girl. Well, they have never heard of Ventress, they didn't have any Leia's (good thing those two are losing!), but they did have the other three. I went and tried on all the other ones and ya know what? they all fit great everywhere but in the chesticle area. I kid you not, if it had a zipper it zipped all the way up to my boobs and that was it! No if's and's, or but's! I did get one zipped, but I couldn't breathe. OMG!!! I have always had a hard time with clothes shopping because of this and now it seems that the same problem will be vexing me as I try to find a costume for Adam's party. (I got my ticket!!!!)

So, intrepid readers, I may have no choice but to dress out of theme because I can't find a damn costume big enough on top to fit me!!!

PS- To all the scurvy dogs out in the great blue..... May "Talk Like A Pirate Day" shiver your timbers!!! Arrrgh!


Putz said...

oh boy, oh boy, oh you can dreesss out of theme and wear my pychodelic, glow in the dark, dark raspberry costume like we discussed,, i would sure like to be there...this sounds like the event of the century

phinz said...

Hoistin' me tankard o' grog to ye, Poppet!