Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Have You Voted Yet??

See that right over there?----------------->>>

That is the poll I have been asking, nay pleading for you all to vote in. It is the one where I am asking for you to help me choose my costume for Avitible's Halloween party. I purchased my golden ticket this morning and am eagerly awaiting the days to pass till I get to blogger party heaven! PS, anyone who wants to split a room needs to email me or comment.

So aside from that,I went to the local Halloween costume store to look for a costume. I saw one version or another of almost every costume on my list there except for Leia and Ventress. Those may be a little harder to find. There were two versions of the fireman outfit there. One was a regular fireman suit, and the other was a "sexy" version of a fireman outfit! HHH voted for the "sexy" one. LOL! I wonder why!?! Other than that, I wasn't too up and at 'em today. Still tired from Derby I suppose. The fall I took may have hurt my neck a little but it's nothing the hot tub can't fix!

So for now I am asking anyone who drops by here to vote in my poll! Please? Pretty please?? With sugar and vicodin on top???


Anonymous said...

Ha! Trek Chick is winning....shocker.

Putz said...

heu , don't bug me i have 13 more days to finnally are worse than my election council here in sin city