Saturday, September 26, 2009

Halloween, Derby, and Shopping.

So I got my hair done today. As you can see I had the blonde redone than got black tips on it. It goes well with the derby wear I got today as well. I finally found a cute plaid skirt to wear while doing derby! I am definitely going to wear it on Friday to the Sarasota Premier of "Whip It". I expect all you readers to be there too! All us Derby Girls will be rolling through the crowd with swag to give away! I think almost all of my employees are going to go... I hope a few bloggers show up too!

I think this looks soooooo cool! It will be great with my helmet and pads. HHH is loving the outfits I have been coming up with. He keeps saying he is living out his Pauly Perrette fantasy. I don't know about that though.... I'm too chicken to get a tattoo! LOL!

So anyway, Now I am watching the Gator game, cheering on my boys and hurling 4 letter words at Kentucky for being so frickin' classy that they took out Tebow on purpose. Fuckers!

In other news, I got another piece to my Halloween costume. I guess you guys can tell by the poll that I am going to be Dr. Allison. I had to go to a real costume shop, you know, the rental kind and get a REAL fire fighter's uniform. It look waaaaaaay authentic! I am psyched! I can't wait till the 24th of October! I am looking forward to meeting people I have only spoken to. Hell, the only person I have met from blogging has been mommielicious! She rocks!!!!!

OK. Gotta run. My boy Tim Tebow is being taken to the hospital in an ambulance due to a shitty hit by Kentucky. Do me a favor and give me a thumbs up or down about the hair, ok???

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