Saturday, September 19, 2009

For Another Day.

I have a whole other post written. It's saved and just waiting. I don't want to publish it, but I needed to get it out. It was just festering in there. I don't have any family to talk to, I don't have any close friends. I only have me. Me and the Internet.

So I wrote a piece and saved it. I let it sit and after unloading it on to the computer I felt a little better. Not a lot... but a little. Hopefully as the hours pass, I'll feel better. I don't think so. Hoping is good though right? So then I am going to let it sit there in the drafts column and read it a little later. It will probably look like the ravings of a mad woman who smoked too much crack..... but it is what it is, as a sage blogger used to say. So I am trying to let it go so I can look back at what I wrote and make it make some sort of sense. Yes, I know I am rambling, yes I know I am being cryptic...... I don't have anything else I can say. It isn't a perfect life, but it's mine. I gotta live it and go.

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phinz said...

I think I know the subject and ya got me, girlfriend. I feel for ya and I hate it when those days happen.
Hang in there. This too shall pass.