Monday, September 21, 2009


So, I had a little emergency this weekend. My phone died.... sort of.

See, I got up on Saturday and took my phone out into the living room. I made breakfast burritos, I did dishes, I washed laundry, and then I tried to call the cell phone company about a billing problem.

That's when I realized something was wrong with my phone. I was trying to say the choice word for the support operator I needed, but it kept saying it couldn't hear me. Then I tried to call my phone from the home phone. I couldn't hear me at all. Then I had HHH call my phone and he couldn't hear me either. I finally get tech support on my land line and the woman asks me to take the back off of the phone itself. HHH does this for me while I am on the phone, and OMG!!!! There was a clear liquid emanating from the battery. It wasn't on the outside of the phone like something leaked in, it was coming from the battery itself! It didn't smell like anything, nor did it have taste.... according to HHH. (I told him he was nuts!) I tell the tech support guy what was happening and he says they will ship out a new one immediately. I thought that sounded suspect, but when I asked if the battery leaking was a known issue with the phone and the guy was quick to say "Oh no no no no ma'am! I just want to send you a new phone overnight express!!" Um... yeah. Imagine that! They have never sent me a replacement over night express EVER!! What ever the liquid was, it ate off a little of the varnish on my bedside table. Great! Now all it does is arbitrarily turn it self off and on and it shocked the hell out of HHH & myself at least once. The speaker finally started working around 4pm yesterday. I'm still sending it back when the new one gets here via FedEx.

At least I get a new phone.


Putz said...

get out of the hopuse right now immediatelt, an explosuion from tour ophone is right now...i'm serious throw the phone ,,, get rid of hhh, he ate some of it , get rid of your bed stand...i repeat...get rid of not i repeat get rid of your loverlky kisds....kepp them...send for me...i will take care of the

phinz said...

This happened Saturday and today is Tuesday and you STILL don't have the new phone?! Hello, FedEx EXPRESS. Doesn't that mean like, overnight?!