Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Dog Is Having An Ass Race.....

...... My kids are running around, and I am probably not going to see HHH for a while.

See,... he has a birthday coming up on September 24th and to get in the mood for it, I took him to lunch today at Hooters and then took him out and got him Wii Sports Resort. It is another version of Wii Sports with things like fencing, Frisbee, wake boarding, etc.... Stuff you'd find if you went to a resort. He hasn't put it down since we got it home. Now, I've played it too. It's fun, but my neck is killing me and I have an early morning estimate at 9am.

Other than that, I also went to the mall and picked up some small bottles of hand sanitizer in nice scents for the girls. Just a little "thank-you" gift for them putting up with me while I have been learning the ropes of the office manager thing. I also got some great candles that smell absolutely awesome.... cinnamon and clove, and spiced pumpkin! Yummy!

Plus, according to several women's magazines, the smell of pumpkin & cinnamon makes a man ... uh... you know... wink, wink..... randy!


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