Saturday, September 12, 2009

Attack Of The Tutu's!!!

Today was photo day for the Ballet class Morgan is in. It was.... shall we say, interesting? I gather her and Rebecca up and we get in the car to go to the Ringling Center in Sarasota where the Asolo Theater is. That's where the photo is being taken. I get hives when ever I go there because it is an extension of Florida State University! YIKES!!! This Gator just has to find a way to coincide with that little bit of info. I tell myself, "My daughter is going to the ballet school, NOT FSU itself!" After a few deep breaths we go inside and Oh. My. GAWD!!!!! it was pandalerium!

There were ballerinas of all sizes in there. I found out that not only were the photos today, but they were also having tryouts for this years edition of the Nutcracker. There was a literal sea of humanity and we needed to wade to the other side to get to the photo spot. As we get to where Morgan needed to go,I am listening to the moms and stage parents as they group together. "Oh Becky is so looking forward to this audition. She hasn't eaten a thing in days so she looks her best!", and "I hope Jenny gets a better spot this year. Last year they made her a mouse, but she'll get lead mouse this time because we donated to the costume fund over the summer.", and so on and so on.....

Does anyone else find this disturbing?

It seemed to me that mom was approving of her daughter's early attempts at anorexia. It also seemed like the other mom was buying her child a place in a show. This isn't exactly stellar parenting. What are we teaching our kids when we say things like that are OK?? My only foray into this world of ballet has been to keep bugging the director about admitting my other daughter into the same after school program her sister is in. Other than that, I donate a basket from the cleaning business to be raffled off at their fundraiser and that is that. I guess I could be one of those "Stage Parents" if I really wanted too.... but it just doesn't look like fun, for the kid or the adult! I like to be laid back and cheer on my daughters no matter what! If they do great, I cheer, if they don't do great, I offer support and hugs. It's just what I feel is right.

Needless to say, as soon as Mo was done with the photo op, we got the hell out of there! I didn't want any of that crazy rubbing off on us! Then we went home and went shopping at the Wal-Mart, which offered up a whole different kind of crazy,....... but one I was more comfortable dealing with.

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Putz said...

i am so proud of how is b rebeecca doing??????