Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am amazed at the little things in life.

A beautiful sunset, a particularly touching melody, the tenderness my children show each other all too seldom..... these are the things that amaze me. What completely flabbergasts me is when I try to hire someone for our little cleaning crew. See, we only run maybe 7 or 8 girls at a time. Yes we have a lot of houses, but they are spread out along the week so that one team will have maybe 3 or 4 houses a day....sometimes less. This is good for providing hours for the ladies, but bad when more than 1 person calls in sick or broke down, or what ever. It means I have to pull double duty and go out and clean, then go back to the office and do all the paperwork. I don't mind cleaning, but if I have done it all day, I REALLY don't want to come back and plop down in front of the computer for an hour or two. I usually just want to go home.Right now I am searching for 1 more soul to come and work with us. The last two ladies I have found have been complete gems!! I love them. Plain speaking, no nonsense working girls. That's what we like to see around here! Now I just need to find one more to make the teams complete, and therein lies my problem.

We have put numerous ads on Craigslist and have gotten great response to them. That's about it though. The initial response is great, but when I call these applicants at 9am to see about them coming in to fill out an application and give a short interview, and I am waking people up! Really! They are in bed and pissy with me that I would call them at that time of the morning. These are also the same people who wrote in their ad, "Please give me a chance! I need a job desperately!" I understand the desperation of needing to find work. I get wanting to be able to keep the roof over your head. Knowing this, I call these people faithfully. Yet, I find again and again i am disappointed with how they present in real life.

Today, for instance, after a hectic morning, I went back to the office and Called 4 individuals that Boss Lady and I agreed on sounded like who we were looking for for the position we had available. Two weren't home, one arranged for her interview to be tomorrow morning, and the last woman arranged for her interview to be at 3pm that day. 3pm came and went with no phone call, no interviewee, nothing! I was in the office till 4:30pm and no one ever came. It was depressing.

Most of the candidates who apply don't know that I actually start the interview while I am on the phone with them setting up a time for them to come by. Their demeanor, phone presence, and perkiness is all under surveillance. Their willingness to come for a same day interview tells me a lot about what kind of worker they will be. I look at all of this, not just the application, when considering someone to join our team,.... a team that I myself was once judged worthy to be on. So, having to go through all this makes me angry when someone wastes my time and the chance for someone else who really wants a job. Someone else might have actually shown up to the interview and gotten a desperately needed job. A job that might have provided for their family and put food on the table. It pisses me off to no end, simply because I WAS that person who practically begged for a chance and was given it. Now look where I am and what I have done with it.

I'm not asking for much, am I?


Nicole said...

you are CLEARLY asking too much (note my sarcasm)I still have someone in mind for you - I just need her to quit smoking :(

Russ said...

Hey, you have to keep "looking" for work in order to keep the welfare benefits coming.

Sorry to be such a cynic.

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: I guess I am, but the candidate who arrived early this morning raised my spirits.

RUSS: I am afraid that is what it was, but it takes a spot away from someone who genuinely NEEDS a job, and that pisses me off.