Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Once More, With Feeling!

Hmmm.... it is beginning early this year. I was at my son's school picking up him and his sister. As I am waiting for them to come to the clinic two little girls from Junior's class walk in, recognize me, and proceed to say, "Junior got a frowny face in his planner. He was fighting in the lunch room." Uh... OK. I thanked the little girls and waited for my son to come in. He finally gets there and I ask him what happened.

It seems that once again, in the lunch room, another child was teasing my son. This boy called my son names and made mocking gestures apparently. My son, being the mischievous little boy that he is, didn't slap the taste out of his mouth like his sister did to a kid last year, no. He decided to dive across the table and choke the living shit out of this kid! Yes, my son is just like my daughter in the fact that he doesn't put up with other people's crap! The fact that the teacher described a WWE-esque dive across a lunch room table took me aback. I didn't know my son was so talented. I was also informed that it took a lunchroom lady 2 minutes to pry my son's fingers from around this kids throat. What I would like to know is why a lunchroom was letting some other kid run roughshod over the other children at the lunch table. Still, this was no excuse for physical violence and Junior received a STERN talking to. HHH and I made it clear that there is to be no more incidences of this to happen in the future.

Personally, like when Morgan slapped the taste out of the mouth of a boy 2 heads taller than her after her teased her mercilessly, I think the kid was asking for it. Schools may "say" they are waging a war on bullying, but really? They have more things to worry about than bullying, like budget cuts, H1N1, MRSA, test scores, and teacher retention. Some kid calling others names isn't exactly high on the priority list.

All I know is my kids are more than capable of standing up for themselves. Everyone else better watch out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Lot Going On.

Recently, my life has changed drastically. Drastically for the better, mind you, but still a huge change from a year ago. Last year at this time I wasn't working. My kids were just finding their way in a new school with new teachers, new friends, new medical processes. HHH was settling in to his new job.... all seemed right with the world and I was a happy woman. Then... the world collapsed around me and I had my "little breakdown". I don't know if I ever thanked everyone that helped me and my family. It kept me from doing something so freakin stupid it's hard to comprehend now. (I really need to be on meds or something!)

So anyway,...... I stopped and took stock of where everything is right now, and it is even better than I thought it would ever be, albeit busier. What with keeping the kids in the same school and driving them there every day, picking them up, staying at work till 6 on Tuesday and Friday so I can get Morgan from ballet, and just the long days I put in anyway.... I am a tired woman. Add to that the upstairs neighbor being a loud ass, my cat playing "Knock shit off of high places loudly" at all hours of the night, and my not being able to get to sleep till 11 or 12am and I am a tired busy woman who sounds like a broken record because I keep harping about it on here.

So now I am here, where ever here is, and I can take my kids out when they want to go somewhere. I can buy them clothing without having to budget it into the money for three weeks from now. We can go have a family day and spend time out having fun and grab some lunch. If the kids need something, I can go get it now. I used to have to think about it.... about whether or not I could afford it. Add an extra $2000 a month and suddenly life gets easier. Who knew? Money may not "buy" happiness, but it sure as hell facilitates it!

So I may be working, not seeing the kids as much, not seeing HHH as much, but it's all better in the end right?


Monday, September 28, 2009

Things I Wasn't Informed About.

Rather than bitch, whine, and moan about how crappy today was at work, I am going to post about the things I wasn't informed about.

1. Turn Signals are Optional. I wasn't aware of this, yet the 5 drivers that cut me off at inopportune moments informed me of this ever so clearly. Asses.

2. Customers Can't tell What Day It Is. I had a woman call me all pissed off yelling at me about why her cleaning people weren't there. She yelled and accused. She accused and yelled. She was wrong. I had her scheduled for tomorrow, but still had to pull a team off of one job and send them to this woman's home to clean it.

3. HHH is frickin' awesome. After I started having a melt down thinking I screwed over the afor mentioned client, he came and got the kids from me, took them home, finished his day at work, came home, made an excellent steak dinner, had it waiting for me when I got home, AND made me a pumpkin pie! Super Husband Win! Oh wait, I already knew that!

4. Not everyone likes two toned hair. Yeah, I probably knew that one too, but I didn't think that it would be a problem in my industry. A lot of the people we clean for are WAY weirder than my hair will ever be. HHH and the kids love it and that's all I need.

5. Stop signs are also optional. It's stupid to have a sign that says stop, yet everyone ignores it. It is dangerous when I follow the stop sign and almost get rear ended.

6. I am going to bed.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Evening......

Velcome to our quaint home. I am so glad that Halloween is right around the corner! I L-O-V-E Halloween! I love the decorating, I love the spookiness, I love the candy!
What do you think of our new door knocker? We found him over at the Home Goods store. It is so cool and is a real, heavy duty door knocker! Love it!! We have all of our other stuff to get set up a little later in the week. It will be awesome. We have all of our tomb stones, pumpkins, lights, and signs ready to go up. We do need to get a new arch to put our lights on. The other one rusted. Boo!

After we get all that up, it will be time to look for new items to add to the fun. Today we saw a thing you put in the hedges that when you go by it makes a growling shaking noise and there are these eyes that light up! We have these hedges all around the sides of our apartment that it would be perfect for. Then there was this wreath made of velvet black roses. So totally awesome. Yeah.... I get way into Halloween.... I'm a freak, I know.

One thing that turned out to be a treat more than a trick was the fact that I lost 5 more pounds! Holy crap! HHH and I went to Target and Publix last night after we got back from shopping with the kids and he made me get on the scale they have there and even at 8pm at night, when I have been eating all freakin' day, it still said I lost another 5 pounds! Coolio! So that makes a total of 35 so far, and I did it all on my own.... no diets, no fads, just good old exercise and will power. Go me!

OK, that's enough of that. No one wants to hear about my incredible shrinking ass. I did, however, order the last part of my Halloween costume yesterday. I guess you all have realized I am going to go as Dr. Allisson, but I needed something to wear under the fire fighter suit, so I went on line and searched till I found a tank top from the movie "Evolution". You know, the one with the 3 eyes? Yeah that one. I ordered it and it should be here by next Tuesday! I am so ready for Avitaween it isn't even funny!

Come on Halloween, mama wants some candy corn!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Halloween, Derby, and Shopping.

So I got my hair done today. As you can see I had the blonde redone than got black tips on it. It goes well with the derby wear I got today as well. I finally found a cute plaid skirt to wear while doing derby! I am definitely going to wear it on Friday to the Sarasota Premier of "Whip It". I expect all you readers to be there too! All us Derby Girls will be rolling through the crowd with swag to give away! I think almost all of my employees are going to go... I hope a few bloggers show up too!

I think this looks soooooo cool! It will be great with my helmet and pads. HHH is loving the outfits I have been coming up with. He keeps saying he is living out his Pauly Perrette fantasy. I don't know about that though.... I'm too chicken to get a tattoo! LOL!

So anyway, Now I am watching the Gator game, cheering on my boys and hurling 4 letter words at Kentucky for being so frickin' classy that they took out Tebow on purpose. Fuckers!

In other news, I got another piece to my Halloween costume. I guess you guys can tell by the poll that I am going to be Dr. Allison. I had to go to a real costume shop, you know, the rental kind and get a REAL fire fighter's uniform. It look waaaaaaay authentic! I am psyched! I can't wait till the 24th of October! I am looking forward to meeting people I have only spoken to. Hell, the only person I have met from blogging has been mommielicious! She rocks!!!!!

OK. Gotta run. My boy Tim Tebow is being taken to the hospital in an ambulance due to a shitty hit by Kentucky. Do me a favor and give me a thumbs up or down about the hair, ok???

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Stuff!

HHH got me new bedroom furniture today. It is sooooooo pretty! One thing that we didn't count on was the fact that it was HUGE! I mean, it is so much bigger in our bedroom than in the store. The night stands are the size of small single chest dressers and there are two of those! We had to do some manipulating of the arrangement of the furniture. I think we have it in there like we want.... time will tell. As it is, I am tired as heck so sleep is high on my list of things I need from my bedroom set. See this morning, good ol' upstairs neighbor was at it again. At 4am, it sounded like the guy dropped an 8 to 10 pound bowling ball on the tile floor and let it roll leisurely across the floor. After that, sleep was next to impossible. I got up at 5:45am and started the day.

I do have to say the day went by decently. Aside from one client forgetting to leave a key or open door for one team, and another cancelling..... it went pretty good. I got all the paperwork done, I got the books balanced, and I got the phone calls returned. That is a good day in my book.

Um... if this isn't very coherent, I have to say I am exhausted right now. The amount of crap I accomplish in one week would make your head spin.... all while pulling down a full time job. Yes, I am tired.

I think I'll go to bed now.
Good night all.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

That's Funny Right There!

So tonight was the comedy club fundraiser for the Sarasota Roller Girls at McCurdy's here in good ol' Sarasota. It started out really good. HHH got to meet the other roller girls in my group, and we are a diverse group. One of the main girls brought jello shots!! Yay! I loooooove jello shots!

We went inside the club and got our seats and after ordering the two item minimum, the house lights dim and the show starts. The emcee was funny, but then he announced that we were there on open mic night and HHH almost got up and left. he first guy didnothing but talk about pissing for 5 minutes, then the next guy was probably mentally retarded, he sang his own commercials he had made up. The last guy came up with a beer in his hand and he was actually funny. I guess the beer took the edge off.

Finally the headliner came on. It was a guy called Uncle Dow Thomas.He was pretty funny. He looked like a cross between a Halloween prop and an old hippie! He was funny and played along with us roller girls. (HHH got to enjoy the night sitting next to Lady Bomb!) Finally the night was over and we went home. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I am done with this week.

BTW,..... the 24th was HHH's birthday! I love you honey. Sorry it wasn't better.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hump Day, Schmump Day.

OK. So as I mentioned on Facebook & Twitter, yesterday sucked sweaty balls. It was so damn bad I was shot by the end of the day and had to have HHH take me out to dinner so I could get a little liquid fortification! That has to be bad! I'll explain.....

I had already woken up tired. The night before was derby practice and we have been going all out in the past weeks doing blocks, take downs, and all the fun physical stuff. Unfortunately that takes a toll on the body and by the time my Tylenol PM kicked in it was almost midnight. Yeah. I get up at 5:45am. So after a little less than 6 hours of sleep I was up getting the kids ready and trying not to fall back to sleep. I got everyone to their respective school places on time and then I drove to the office thinking to myself, "Oh I may just take a nap after everyone leaves for the day." With this thought in mind, I get to the office and see my first emergency. There is no coffee. F%CK! As I am lamenting this poor turn of events, the girls start coming in and I have to explain it to them as well. I then start doing the paperwork for the next day,(I am always a day ahead), and as I am doing this the teams are going out the door and I am telling them to have a nice day.

5 minutes later, I get a call from S the team leader. Their car was just rear ended at a stop light. I tell her to hold on, I'll be right there and I hop in the car and start down the road. When I got to the accident, it didn't look like much. But you can never tell when it comes to inside damage. The woman that hit the girls is all, "Do we have to call the police? We can just let it go cause I don't see any damage.". Um, NO! This is a company car, covered by fleet insurance. We will NOT let this go. We wait and wait for the police to get there, and when a trooper finally shows even he is trying to get us not to report the crash. Um, hello?? WRITE UP THE DAMN REPORT!!! Finally I get the girls to come over and the fact that the woman is saying she didn't hit them hard, but my girls are saying yes she bashed them convinces the officer to write it up! 15 minutes later the girls are on their way to their job and I am on my way back to the office.

I get to the office and see the new girl K waiting outside the door. I ask where team leader T is and she says she hasn't seen her yet. I get into the office and see the message light blinking. Yep. It's Team Leader T calling to say she got food poisoning from some bad Chinese food. So now I have to get a car loaded up and head out and clean two houses. The first one went OK, but the last one........ oh my sweet baby Jebus!

We get there and at first it was OK. Then the woman's husband comes home and they proceed to argue LOUDLY! I'm talking full on name calling, yelling, shouting, the works. K and I were cleaning and trying not to listen, but it was impossible. Then as we were doing the floor, we started getting in a hurry so we could get the hell out of there. Unfortunately as the people were moving to another part of the house the husband spied a spot on the kitchen floor and proceeded to lay into me. It was all I could do to bite my tongue and not smack the crap out of that pompous ass! I took deep breaths and said we'd re-mop the kitchen and the man went back to berating his wife. We finished up and got the hell out of there. By that time I was hot, sweaty, and beyond tired, AND I still had to finish up the paper work I didn't get done because I had to run out to the wreck. After I got everything done it was just fricking suck for the day. Sweaty ball kind of suck. The whole day was just shot. Lucky for me HHH texted me that he was taking me out for dinner. I thought that was a good idea. I needed some liquid feel better juice disguised as a margarita. Seeing as how I tweeked my ankle at derby practice and had to run on it all day, the margarita was sounding better and better! So, I packed up the kids and myself and headed home. Done with the craptastical day finally!

So, like I said on Twitter and Facebook, my day sucked sweaty balls, how was yours??

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That's Comedy Folks.

So, I'm gonna talk Derby for a moment or two right now. This Thursday is the Sarasota Roller Girls fundraiser at McCurdy's Comedy Club. We are raising money for our club since we are just starting out. It takes quite a bit of money to do this and yes we buy our own gear and all that, but insurance, rink time, dues for the national association all add up. Fund raisers take the edge off all that for us. It should be a fun night. The performers are going to be doing Derby centric routines, we are all going to dress up in our Derby finest, (read: hooker/slutty), and it should be a pretty good night! It is also HHH's birthday, so I can kill two birds with one stone!

Practice was great tonight. There were two guys from a sports radio show called "Mike & the Machine" there interviewing Redneck, who is our organizer and leader, about what we are doing, what derby is, and how often we practice. Hey, the more press we can get the better. OOOOOHHHHH! We also got our shirts today!!! It looks so cool. I have to adjust mine a little so it looks cool. The collar is a little tight so that will have to go. We are all wearing them to McCurdy's Thursday night.

So now I am tired and sore. My ankle was tweeked from doing 15ft windows all day today and then we were hitting and shoving during practice today. One of the girls was AWESOME and brought jello shots again!! Whoo hoo! Time to self medicate!

Good night my sweets! If anyone wants to buy tickets to the comedy club on Thursday, email me!!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


So, I had a little emergency this weekend. My phone died.... sort of.

See, I got up on Saturday and took my phone out into the living room. I made breakfast burritos, I did dishes, I washed laundry, and then I tried to call the cell phone company about a billing problem.

That's when I realized something was wrong with my phone. I was trying to say the choice word for the support operator I needed, but it kept saying it couldn't hear me. Then I tried to call my phone from the home phone. I couldn't hear me at all. Then I had HHH call my phone and he couldn't hear me either. I finally get tech support on my land line and the woman asks me to take the back off of the phone itself. HHH does this for me while I am on the phone, and OMG!!!! There was a clear liquid emanating from the battery. It wasn't on the outside of the phone like something leaked in, it was coming from the battery itself! It didn't smell like anything, nor did it have taste.... according to HHH. (I told him he was nuts!) I tell the tech support guy what was happening and he says they will ship out a new one immediately. I thought that sounded suspect, but when I asked if the battery leaking was a known issue with the phone and the guy was quick to say "Oh no no no no ma'am! I just want to send you a new phone overnight express!!" Um... yeah. Imagine that! They have never sent me a replacement over night express EVER!! What ever the liquid was, it ate off a little of the varnish on my bedside table. Great! Now all it does is arbitrarily turn it self off and on and it shocked the hell out of HHH & myself at least once. The speaker finally started working around 4pm yesterday. I'm still sending it back when the new one gets here via FedEx.

At least I get a new phone.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

UPDATE: Costume Search.

So I have seen a marked increase in the costume voting as of my last attempt at begging for votes. Now Dr.Allison is pulling ahead of Trek Chick. This is a good thing because I am afraid that there will be a glut of Trekkies at this party. I did have a thought of coming as a Killer Tomato from Outer Space. I thought better of that because what would I do if someone else came as a salad shooter?? Then I thought about the suggestion one of my readers made about recycling my pirate costume into a version of one of the characters from the "Ice Pirates". Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me find a good photo from that movie and I'm too cheap to go rent it!

OK, enough about that. Time for the Emmy's and Kristin Chenoweth has won already for
Pushing Daisies. ABC should be spanked for taking that show off the air.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

For Another Day.

I have a whole other post written. It's saved and just waiting. I don't want to publish it, but I needed to get it out. It was just festering in there. I don't have any family to talk to, I don't have any close friends. I only have me. Me and the Internet.

So I wrote a piece and saved it. I let it sit and after unloading it on to the computer I felt a little better. Not a lot... but a little. Hopefully as the hours pass, I'll feel better. I don't think so. Hoping is good though right? So then I am going to let it sit there in the drafts column and read it a little later. It will probably look like the ravings of a mad woman who smoked too much crack..... but it is what it is, as a sage blogger used to say. So I am trying to let it go so I can look back at what I wrote and make it make some sort of sense. Yes, I know I am rambling, yes I know I am being cryptic...... I don't have anything else I can say. It isn't a perfect life, but it's mine. I gotta live it and go.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Houston, We Have A Problem.

As some of you may know, I have recently dropped 30 pounds. It wasn't some miracle of science or a dieting mecca that helped this happen, it was the fact that I got a job that required I move around all day. When you clean for other people and adjust your diet to remove all of the unhealthy carbs that are trying to kill you, you tend to drop some weight. My knees and feet thank me every day. HHH is especially appreciative.... wink wink..... you know what I mean! There is a defined reduction in my ass and thighs and belly, but there is one place that hasn't budged. My rack. And therein lies my dilemma......

I went to the local costume emporium tonight to see if they had the ones I need for my poll... you know... Ventress, Leia, Super Girl, Dr. Allison, & Trek Girl. Well, they have never heard of Ventress, they didn't have any Leia's (good thing those two are losing!), but they did have the other three. I went and tried on all the other ones and ya know what? they all fit great everywhere but in the chesticle area. I kid you not, if it had a zipper it zipped all the way up to my boobs and that was it! No if's and's, or but's! I did get one zipped, but I couldn't breathe. OMG!!! I have always had a hard time with clothes shopping because of this and now it seems that the same problem will be vexing me as I try to find a costume for Adam's party. (I got my ticket!!!!)

So, intrepid readers, I may have no choice but to dress out of theme because I can't find a damn costume big enough on top to fit me!!!

PS- To all the scurvy dogs out in the great blue..... May "Talk Like A Pirate Day" shiver your timbers!!! Arrrgh!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


2 hours of Skate night w/the runts
1hour & 15 minutes of Derby practice
very sore & tired Blondefabulous.

This blog will resume normal operations tomorrow. Till then.... where the hell is my icy hot and tylenol??

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Have You Voted Yet??

See that right over there?----------------->>>

That is the poll I have been asking, nay pleading for you all to vote in. It is the one where I am asking for you to help me choose my costume for Avitible's Halloween party. I purchased my golden ticket this morning and am eagerly awaiting the days to pass till I get to blogger party heaven! PS, anyone who wants to split a room needs to email me or comment.

So aside from that,I went to the local Halloween costume store to look for a costume. I saw one version or another of almost every costume on my list there except for Leia and Ventress. Those may be a little harder to find. There were two versions of the fireman outfit there. One was a regular fireman suit, and the other was a "sexy" version of a fireman outfit! HHH voted for the "sexy" one. LOL! I wonder why!?! Other than that, I wasn't too up and at 'em today. Still tired from Derby I suppose. The fall I took may have hurt my neck a little but it's nothing the hot tub can't fix!

So for now I am asking anyone who drops by here to vote in my poll! Please? Pretty please?? With sugar and vicodin on top???

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Tuesday was a day that was.

1. get everyone to their appointed destinations.
2. get to work.
3. get everyone at work out to where they need to go.
4. run to go get a $110 toner cartridge. (FUCK!)
5. run to get more organic, green shower cleanser.
6. run to clients house to re clean shit the girls missed the first time.
7. run back to the office to do paperwork I couldn't do yesterday because frackin printer ran out of toner.
8. run and get kids from school.
9. get back to office and start laundry from teams coming back in.
10. get heinous nasty voicemail from pissed off client firing us and using profanity to do it.(bitch!)
11. call team leader who cleaned said bitches house and play voicemail for her so she can get lit and pissed off. More company the better!
12. putz around till 5:30 so I can go pick up 3rd child at ballet and go home.
13. go home and eat and get ready for derby. (I LOVE derby!)
14. dress in appropriate hooker clothes for derby. This means fishnet stockings, knee high socks, tank top, & cut off shorts.
15. pray i don't get stopped by a cop while driving to derby dressed like a hooker.
16. have an awesome derby practice! Did some hitting, some pushing, and one fall. It was a great fall though! Landed on the fun bags!
17. drive back home after derby. Miss it already!
18, shower, AGAIN, Sweat is sexy right?
19 get in bed and start feeling all the aches.
20. Go the hell to bed right after posting another bullet post!

Oh and just so everyone knows.......I WIN BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Few Bullets....

  • We have been watching America's Got Talent this year, and all summer I have been rooting for the Recycled Percussion guys because I, myself, was a percussionist in high school and college. All along they have been blowing the competition out of the water and giving awesome performances. Tonight I have totally flipped my loyalty. Lawrence Beaman sang my all time favorite song, Barry White's "First, Last, Everything", which was my wedding song. I walked into that casino chapel to Barry's dulcet tones and married the love of my life and I have to say that Mr. Beaman did Barry proud! He was smooth, he was silk, he tore it up! I will be commencing to vote for Lawrence for the maximum amount of votes I am allowed!
  • I worked my ass off today. I started at 5:30am and didn't stop till 7:30pm when I got home. I even had a client tell me I needed to go the hell home as I was calling her to confirm a cleaning for Thursday. This is going to be a long week. I am training a new girl, firing another, and have cleanings that I need to supervise scheduled all through out the week. Sigh......
  • Roller Derby is going to two practices a week now. We are doing Tuesday's & Thursday's. It is an awesome thing to have this little club. It is a guilty pleasure where I can forget everything else and just let go have fun.
  • Have you voted for a costume choice yet??? You haven't?? Well what the hell are you waiting for? Go over there in the right hand upper corner and CHOOSE a costume for me! Go on! DO IT!!!!!!
  • Patrick Swayze has passed on. This gives me the sad. There will be no one to keep the Roadhouse running on the straight and narrow anymore. :-(
  • There is a school Skate Night set for this coming Thursday. My eldest who broke both wrists at the last one is forbidden to go to this event by Myself, her Daddy HHH, her Ballet teacher, and the school nurse of Morgan & Junior's school! HHH is on call that day anyway, so she and he are going to watch "Bones" on Fox while we are skating.
And that's all I have for today. Like I said in an above bullet, I got up at 5:30am so I am about to fall down.

Good night!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hard To Resist!

I swear..... I didn't flush the toilet.

Although, I did think about it!

What have your pets done lately that has made it hard for you to resist teasing them??

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Attack Of The Tutu's!!!

Today was photo day for the Ballet class Morgan is in. It was.... shall we say, interesting? I gather her and Rebecca up and we get in the car to go to the Ringling Center in Sarasota where the Asolo Theater is. That's where the photo is being taken. I get hives when ever I go there because it is an extension of Florida State University! YIKES!!! This Gator just has to find a way to coincide with that little bit of info. I tell myself, "My daughter is going to the ballet school, NOT FSU itself!" After a few deep breaths we go inside and Oh. My. GAWD!!!!! it was pandalerium!

There were ballerinas of all sizes in there. I found out that not only were the photos today, but they were also having tryouts for this years edition of the Nutcracker. There was a literal sea of humanity and we needed to wade to the other side to get to the photo spot. As we get to where Morgan needed to go,I am listening to the moms and stage parents as they group together. "Oh Becky is so looking forward to this audition. She hasn't eaten a thing in days so she looks her best!", and "I hope Jenny gets a better spot this year. Last year they made her a mouse, but she'll get lead mouse this time because we donated to the costume fund over the summer.", and so on and so on.....

Does anyone else find this disturbing?

It seemed to me that mom was approving of her daughter's early attempts at anorexia. It also seemed like the other mom was buying her child a place in a show. This isn't exactly stellar parenting. What are we teaching our kids when we say things like that are OK?? My only foray into this world of ballet has been to keep bugging the director about admitting my other daughter into the same after school program her sister is in. Other than that, I donate a basket from the cleaning business to be raffled off at their fundraiser and that is that. I guess I could be one of those "Stage Parents" if I really wanted too.... but it just doesn't look like fun, for the kid or the adult! I like to be laid back and cheer on my daughters no matter what! If they do great, I cheer, if they don't do great, I offer support and hugs. It's just what I feel is right.

Needless to say, as soon as Mo was done with the photo op, we got the hell out of there! I didn't want any of that crazy rubbing off on us! Then we went home and went shopping at the Wal-Mart, which offered up a whole different kind of crazy,....... but one I was more comfortable dealing with.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Road Rage 2.

I constantly have to remind myself every day that I am not allowed to have road rage in the toaster. These idiots here in Sarasota make it so frickin' hard though.

Yesterday, I was coming out of a driveway. There was a large pick up truck in front and to the left of the Toaster. Since I was wanting to turn right, and he indicated he wanted to go left, I pulled up a little more so I could make my turn. I also realized that the truck was so large that if I pulled all the way up to the line, I wouldn't be able to see past him to oncoming traffic, so I stayed back a ways so I could see behind him and see what was coming my way. Well there was quite a bit of traffic coming my way! So I sat back and kept an eye on the traffic waiting for a chance to pull out.


What the hell was that??


Um are they honking at me???


Oh hells to the no that bitch is not honking at me like I am an idiot just sitting for no reason!


Oh yes she was! This harried bitch was honking at me because I wasn't jumping out in traffic and having a huge ass wreck just so she could speed along to what ever fruity appointment she was late for due to her own stupidity!!!


I got so pissed off I actually threw the car in park and opened my door to get out and smack that woman a new taste in her mouth!!! Two things stopped me.....

1) I still had my seat belt on.
2) I was in the company car wearing the company uniform.

Yeah. Kind of hard to beat the crap out of some bitch who desperately deserves it and get away with it when you have your company name and logo plastered all over you and your vehicle. F*ck! I still would have liked to have smacked her.

Then today as I was coming back from an estimate in the far reaches of Sarasota when I got stopped at one of the red lights by I-75. As I was sitting at the light I could hear the sirens of an emergency vehicle in the distance. I look around and see a fire truck getting off the interstate. I look at the light and see that my light will be green before he gets to it so I think to myself, "Well, I'll just sit through my green till they pass." Apparently I was the only person thinking this because the other two cars in the two lanes next to me started taking off as soon as the light turned green!! The fire truck had to sound the horn 3 times before these rocket scientists stopped and let him go past! WTF??? When has it EVER been OK not to let an emergency vehicle pass???What if it had been their loved ones the truck was rushing to? I bet they'd be pissed if someone didn't move then!

I do quite a bit of driving now and it just kills me to see flaky shit like this.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am amazed at the little things in life.

A beautiful sunset, a particularly touching melody, the tenderness my children show each other all too seldom..... these are the things that amaze me. What completely flabbergasts me is when I try to hire someone for our little cleaning crew. See, we only run maybe 7 or 8 girls at a time. Yes we have a lot of houses, but they are spread out along the week so that one team will have maybe 3 or 4 houses a day....sometimes less. This is good for providing hours for the ladies, but bad when more than 1 person calls in sick or broke down, or what ever. It means I have to pull double duty and go out and clean, then go back to the office and do all the paperwork. I don't mind cleaning, but if I have done it all day, I REALLY don't want to come back and plop down in front of the computer for an hour or two. I usually just want to go home.Right now I am searching for 1 more soul to come and work with us. The last two ladies I have found have been complete gems!! I love them. Plain speaking, no nonsense working girls. That's what we like to see around here! Now I just need to find one more to make the teams complete, and therein lies my problem.

We have put numerous ads on Craigslist and have gotten great response to them. That's about it though. The initial response is great, but when I call these applicants at 9am to see about them coming in to fill out an application and give a short interview, and I am waking people up! Really! They are in bed and pissy with me that I would call them at that time of the morning. These are also the same people who wrote in their ad, "Please give me a chance! I need a job desperately!" I understand the desperation of needing to find work. I get wanting to be able to keep the roof over your head. Knowing this, I call these people faithfully. Yet, I find again and again i am disappointed with how they present in real life.

Today, for instance, after a hectic morning, I went back to the office and Called 4 individuals that Boss Lady and I agreed on sounded like who we were looking for for the position we had available. Two weren't home, one arranged for her interview to be tomorrow morning, and the last woman arranged for her interview to be at 3pm that day. 3pm came and went with no phone call, no interviewee, nothing! I was in the office till 4:30pm and no one ever came. It was depressing.

Most of the candidates who apply don't know that I actually start the interview while I am on the phone with them setting up a time for them to come by. Their demeanor, phone presence, and perkiness is all under surveillance. Their willingness to come for a same day interview tells me a lot about what kind of worker they will be. I look at all of this, not just the application, when considering someone to join our team,.... a team that I myself was once judged worthy to be on. So, having to go through all this makes me angry when someone wastes my time and the chance for someone else who really wants a job. Someone else might have actually shown up to the interview and gotten a desperately needed job. A job that might have provided for their family and put food on the table. It pisses me off to no end, simply because I WAS that person who practically begged for a chance and was given it. Now look where I am and what I have done with it.

I'm not asking for much, am I?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Dog Is Having An Ass Race.....

...... My kids are running around, and I am probably not going to see HHH for a while.

See,... he has a birthday coming up on September 24th and to get in the mood for it, I took him to lunch today at Hooters and then took him out and got him Wii Sports Resort. It is another version of Wii Sports with things like fencing, Frisbee, wake boarding, etc.... Stuff you'd find if you went to a resort. He hasn't put it down since we got it home. Now, I've played it too. It's fun, but my neck is killing me and I have an early morning estimate at 9am.

Other than that, I also went to the mall and picked up some small bottles of hand sanitizer in nice scents for the girls. Just a little "thank-you" gift for them putting up with me while I have been learning the ropes of the office manager thing. I also got some great candles that smell absolutely awesome.... cinnamon and clove, and spiced pumpkin! Yummy!

Plus, according to several women's magazines, the smell of pumpkin & cinnamon makes a man ... uh... you know... wink, wink..... randy!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Search.

So this is where I need your help.

I'm going to a little Halloween party in Altamonte Springs. It has an alien invasion theme, and my pirate just won't do. This is where you people come in. I'm going to let you help pick my costume. I have it narrowed down to five different ones.
Choice #1: Asajj Ventress from the Clone Wars. The bad girl of the Clone Wars, she is Dooku's go to girl.

Choice #2: Super Girl. She's a force to be reckoned with from the planet Krypton. She came here to earth looking for her cousin and even though her movie bombed,... it's always a crowd pleaser.

Choice #3: Dr. Allison from Evolution. I L-O-V-E this movie! Best line ever... "I think we have ascertained that Caw-caw, Caw-caw & Tookie tookie don't work." Add a bottle of Head and Shoulders and I have an original alien fighter costume from the 2001 movie. Now, where do I find David Duchovny so I can get some of that "Kane Madness"?

Choice # 4: Random Star Trek Babe. I'm not going to paint myself green to imitate the green chick Kirk got it on with in the original series, so I went for one of his random hook ups on the ship. Trite, yes,but still a fave of the horny trekkies!

Choice #5: Princess Leia. The ultimate outer space chick. She is a bad ass. She was Han's girl. She helped blow up 2, count 'em, TWO death Stars..... and to a lesser extent, she made out with her twin brother. A galaxy far, far away is actually in Alabama apparently. OK, OK.... she was hot and kicked ass. Nuff said.

So there you have it. After a day or two of research, those are the choices I have come up with. Now, here is where you people can help me. I am going to put a poll in the side bar and you can vote on what i am gonna wear to Avitable's Halloween party. It is going to be so the kick ass. I suggest you come. It will be fun. So now I need you to tell everyone you know to come to my blog and vote. Vote Vote VOTE!!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labour Day

So they say tomorrow is a holiday. A holiday for the honest working soul to celebrate the fact that they give their time and energy to others doing some of the most menial tasks.

I will be working this holiday. I called all clients who were scheduled on 9/7 and asked them if they wanted us to come, seeing as it was a holiday and all, and half of them responded that they would like us to come and work. As such, I have 4 of the ladies coming tomorrow to take care of 3 houses each. It shouldn't take long. Maybe half the day. Due to this coming up, Boss Lady and I are going to go through the calender and mark down the days we are going to close the office for holiday. That way I can look ahead and tell our clients that we will NOT be open and cleaning on certain days. I know it seems silly.... but these rich blowhards think we are at their beck and call. Any time, any where. Yes we are a service organization, but there has to be a line. We're people just like them, with families and lives and things we'd like to do. It's like I said the other day, once these people find out I live in a well to do part of town their whole demeanor changes. I go from getting the cold, succinct shoulder to a warm chummy Howdy do chat! It is insane. how can people be like that in this day and age??? It boggles the mind!

So tomorrow, when you are relaxing and enjoying your day off, think about those who are still out working. And think of those of us who deal with the snobbery of those we serve. That, my friends, is the true labour on this day.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

So I Am.....

..... sitting here with a glass if white wine, listening to the simmer of the pots on the stove. I'm making Braised Mediterranean Chicken. It is KILLING me with how good it smells! I will have to keep this recipe.

On a more sour note, I had to go in to work today to finish up some of yesterday's stuff that was left when I had to take my boss to the airport. I also had to redo the laundry since it smelled yucky! That was 2 and a half hours I'll never get back. Before that though,we all went to the IHOP over by the office for some breakfast.

Now, breakfast is the easiest meal for a Celiac sufferer to deal with. Eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, home fries, grits, ...... these are all gluten free! Yeah you can't have pancakes or french toast, but a hearty breakfast is still possible without them. IHOP was having a promotion with the NFL. They had omelette's available with all kinds of fillings! Yummy! Just one problem. The omelet mix had pancake batter in it to..."Make the omelet lighter and fluffier." Rats. Can't have that. When our server came by, I asked about the possibility of having our omelette's made without the pancake batter in it. "Sure!" the guy replied. "No problem." He even came back and said the kitchen was going to use fresh eggs for Morgans omelet. Great! That took a load off my mind. I sat back and sipped my coffee while HHH and Junior played games on the kids menu. The food arrived and we all dug in. It was awesome. I got the spinach and cheese omelet. It was delicious! We ate everything and then got up to pay and leave.

Later in the day, I started feeling sick. Stomach sick. Celiac sick. Then I thought back and remembered, the waiter said they were going to make MORGAN'S omelet with fresh eggs. He never said anything about mine! Oh crap. So now I am miserable. I was almost REALLY miserable in Wall to Wall Mart! That was another hell all to it's own.

As I was going to the bathroom with Morgan and we went in. As we were making use of the facilities, I heard someone come in. Then they went to leave, but apparently they got stuck. Yes some genius old lady drove her Wall to Wall Mart jazzy into the bathroom entrance and got it stuck. THEN she started having a freak fit about it! She was loudly telling anyone and everyone that Wall to Wall Mart was responsible for her being stuck in the curved entrance to the bathroom when clearly anyone who saw what happened could see that the old biddy shouldn't have drove the jazzy in there in the first place! Then it took 2 store employees to help get her off the jazzy and then actually pick it up and drag it out of the bathroom! Holy crap. Morgan and I were a captive audience to this because we were stuck in the bathroom because of this lady's stupidity. After they got her out, they let her get back on the jazzy. I wouldn't have given it back to her! Really people! Where was she going to get it stuck next. Wait..... I don't want to know.

So that was my day. Now to try and relax with my dinner. My gluten free dinner. At least when I make it, I know it is gluten free for sure!

Shame on IHOP!

Friday, September 4, 2009


I woke up at 5:19am when the power tripped.
I worked until 5:00pm.
I drove Boss Lady to the airport at 5:30pm.
I went to the ballet orientation till 7:30pm.
I finally got home at 8:00pm.

I am so freakin' tired I could drop.
In fact,....... I think I will.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Wrap Up.

Boss Lady is leaving tomorrow. I have to get her to the airport at 5:30pm so she can get some dinner and check in for her flight. It has been a whirlwind week. I feel like she just got here! I like being able to ask her questions and such whenever they come up. There's only so much you can communicate through email.
Today was interesting. Boss Lady had us meet with the other owner, J and we all went for coffee at C'est La Vie, a french pastry shop located down town. That was great and all, but I HAVE CELIAC'S DISEASE!!! There was NOTHING in that shop for me to eat. I had to politely decline when they offered me something. I didn't even get coffee because I had drank what equaled a pot of coffee already that morning. Shaky much? Yeah.... so I watched these two beautiful, amazing women snack on fresh fruit and creme' tarts while sipping cappuccinos and all I was having was water. I felt so freakin' out of place. How did I, a stay at home mom who only got this job to begin with because her husband got laid off suddenly find herself as manager of the whole damn thing 6 months later? It has to be a fluke. The other shoe hasn't dropped yet. I have to have been mistaken for someone else.
So anyway, there I was, sitting in a chic french bistro, watching my two bosses nibble french tarts, and I felt ....... frumpy, dorky, and gauche'. Sigh..... even when I am successful, I feel like I'm a failure. Well, maybe failure is too strong a word. How about we replace that with "Not Successful"? Yeah, that'll work. Even when I am successful, I'm feel not successful. At least that's the way I felt at the table today. Oh I was able to talk shop with them, answer questions, ask ones of my own, but I just got the feeling I didn't fit in. It was the same way I felt in High School when I was in the AP classes. I never fit in there either.

OMG! Speaking of high school and not fitting in.... I got my invite and itinerary for my 20 year HS reunion. Oh my sweet fuck! 20 years? Really? I am so freakin' old! Now I am deciding if I want to go to the reunion. There are maybe a hand full of people I care to see there and everyone else could fly off a cliff. I probably won't go. It would involve seeing my parents, (Who basically wrote me off last year.) and that may cause tension.

I have issues, huh?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shoot 'Em Up!

  • People act differently now when I tell them where I live. Yes it is in a nicer neighborhood, but I am still the same. It's mostly the snootier customers of the cleaning company. I mention I live on Palmer Ranch and they suddenly change their whole demeanor. It's weird and kind of sad.

  • My boss thinks I am doing a great job. Whew!

  • I finally let the flaky girl go on Tuesday. She didn't even call on that day to tell me she wasn't coming in. Just left it hanging there. Boss Lady said it was time to cut her loose. I guess I'll be doing more interviews.

  • My husband is freakin' AMAZING in bed!!

  • There are some really creepy people who hang out at the comic book store down the plaza from our offices. By creepy I mean pimply faced 20 year old's hanging out in front of the place waiting for it to open.... which would be in another 2 hours! Now that there is a tattoo place right next door, these same pimply faced kids can get their favorite mage or orc tattooed on their ass later after they finally emerge from the darkend depths of the storeroom where there are wifi hookups for playing WoW for hours on end!


  • All of my clothes are falling off of me.

  • Bullets are the easiest post to do when you have spent the evening at the pool, then in bed with your totally awesome husband! This is why I married a younger man.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rollin' Hot & Sweaty!

So, I haven't mentioned Derby on here for awhile. Here you go.

Derby is Frickin'. Awesome.

I have been going to practice every Tuesday and it has been soooooo cool! So totally awesome. We are getting better and better at our drills, working on our skills and starting to gel as a team. Then there's the fact that I get to get out of the house for something that's all for me. Selfish, yes...... but the exercise is worth it and HHH doesn't mind. (Thank you honey.)

Now we have a few events lined up for this month and next. On the 24th we are having a fundraiser at McCurdy's, which is a comedy club here in Sarasota. We're selling tickets for $10 a piece and get to keep all the money. The club makes money on the event by having a 2 item minimum. The guy who is featured that night will be doing roller girl material and we'll all be there dressed up in our Derby gear. If any one wants to come, just leave a comment and I can get you tix!

Support your local Sarasota Roller Girls!!!!

Also.... on October 2nd there is a little movie coming out called "Whip It". It stars and is directed by Drew Barrymore and also has Juliette Lewis in it and Ellen Page. It's about a small town girl turning to roller derby after the pageant scene gets ugly. When it premiers here in Sarasota, The Sarasota Roller Girls are hosting it along with the Buzz 105.9. Once again, we are going to be in full roller derby gear and getting the word out to everyone about our new league here in Sarasota! I suggest everyone who reads this hop in their nearest motorized conveyance and get their ass to the Hollywood 20 in downtown Sarasota on October 2nd and.... once again, support you local roller girls!

And that's been pretty much it so far. I get a great work out and have fun at the same time. It's awesome! I highly suggest it!

Ya'll see me rollin'... Don't be hatin'!