Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tomorrow starts another school year. I am sending off a 2nd grader, a 4th grader, and a 7th grader. OMG! I will have a teenager by the end of November! Save me!

Anywhoo..... we have a slight problem in that we don't know for sure if Morgan's new school has a bus for ballet after school. So the problem we have now is I am going to have to start the kids at the old school for now, and then, after I hear word back from the ballet mistress, we'll know if it is possible to move Morgan. If not, I will be doing quite a bit of driving after school. Unfortunately, HHH can't help me with this because he will be waaaaaaaaay on the other side of town. Sigh, it'll be hard, but it'll work. It has to.

So, everyone be careful. Watch those school zones, slow down, and be careful. Can't say that often enough. Be careful, be careful, BE CAREFUL!!!


Putz said...

slow down yu go tooo fast, got to make the mornin last

phinz said...

School started here last week. Sometimes it feels like this town is one big school zone. *sigh*

BUT driving slowly DOES give me time to enjoy my 'Bux latte, so yay!