Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Toaster Rage!!!

I have to tell myself every day...

"I cannot have road rage in the company vehicle. I cannot have road rage in the company vehicle. I CANNOT HAVE ROAD RAGE IN THE COMPANY VEHICLE!!"
(Mostly because it has our company name and phone number on it.)

It is getting easier to remember that. For this new job, I have to drive quite a lot. I drive to the office, I drive to the bank, I drive to run errands for the office, I drive to different jobs so I can check on the girls' job, I drive to the estimate appointments, I drive to the follow ups to the estimate, etc etc......... You get the picture, right? I am in the car a whole heck of a lot. So being on the road that much means I get to experience all the other drivers and their various styles of driving. The Aggressive Guy, the Cell Phone Talker, The Slow Old Lady, and the Teen Idiot. The ones you really have to watch though, are the Taxi Drivers and the Tourists.

The Tourists are OK really, they're just perpetually lost. With Siesta Key, Sarasota Bay, and the many museums, we get a hella lot of tourists. They are everywhere and it really gets dangerous when they rent those scooters and zip around in traffic! I have almost taken out a tourist or two and I am sure I'll be stopping short several more times in the future. I don't see how there aren't more tourist splattered along the roads here.

Then, there are the Taxi Drivers. They drive fast, don't care if they cut you off, and ignore most traffic signs. Today, for example, I was driving back from Siesta Key and as I was driving along in my own lane, a taxi pulled out in front of the people in the lane next to me, cutting them off. THEN the ass decided he wanted to be in my lane. Only problem was I was already occupying the spot. Dude started coming over and almost HIT me! I honked long and loud and the guy actually flipped ME off for not moving out of his way. Fucker. I just took deep, cleansing breaths and said "Woo-saaaaa" several times and got my ass back to the office.

Then I drove my van to Home Depot after dinner and yelled and shook my fist at everyone!

I feel better now!


Jasper Mockingbard said...

I'm sure smiling and waving at everyone in other cars would be good for business.

Putz said...

i had a right to be in your spot in your lane....i am the taxi driver you are so mad at....boy what a temper....i cold have hit you cause i wasn't paying attention , but that horn made me nervous and then mad, that is whay you got the finger...stay in your office mam, the 'TAXI DRIVER'