Monday, August 10, 2009


So today was a little slice of heaven...... NOT!

First I had 4 people try to call in on me.Uh.... NO! Only one had a good excuse, (Her husband had to go to the Dr.Appointment she cancelled on Friday so she could help me with a last minute cleaning. Yeah, she got a pass for today. The other ones however, one gave me the excuse of "My kid has lice." and "The girl with lice is my ride." and "My stomach hurts.". Oh hell no! These are girls that call in almost EVERY Monday. Like clock work. It is just stupid that they think I don't remember they used to do that crap when I was working with them on teams. I basically said to each of them that they could come in today or they could lose their jobs..... their choice.

They came to work.

I'm no push over, I don't care what anyone says.

Then I came home to the A/C not working in our house. Lovely. HHH looked at it, but it is a problem in the air handler and the air handler is in the attic. Along with rats, and bugs and God knows what. So, we borrowed the portable from HHH's work and are going to stick it out till we move on Friday. I'm glad we are moving out. This place is starting to fall apart.

Come oooooooon Friday!

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phinz said...

I bet what broke the AC was all the vibrating from all that LOUD MUSIC the neighbors play . . . I'm excited about your move, too!