Friday, August 7, 2009

Packin' It In.

That's what I have to do this weekend.

As many of you know, we will be moving next weekend to HHH's new complex. Yes, I know I said we would never live on site ever again, but before agreeing to move there, we made sure we would get a real lease with no funky provisions in it,.... you know, like "If you get fired you gotta get out in 7 days.". Yeah. Blondefabulous wasn't gonna go through that crap again. So any way, we nailed down a regular lease that is at a discounted rate because of HHH's employee status and it is only going to cost us what we are paying to live here in the barrio. Of course, there will be walk in closets in every room, more room to move around in, a screened in lanai, a laundry room, and a garage. I will have a garage! Holy Crap! Storage for my stuff!

I haven't packed a damn thing. Not yet. I have been working my ass off. The new job has meant longer hours, but it is more fulfilling.It has also meant that I am gone longer. I am only supposed to work from 7:30am to4:30pm, but more often than not, I am there from 7 to 5pm. Then there is the occasional weekend where I have to go in and do stuff at the office. Like take the Friday laundry and finish it, or balance the books because a team got in late, or like where I have to make a whole new time sheet on Excel because the one we had got erased in a power outage during a thunderstorm today. Gone. Pfft! I ran a search for it and couldn't find hide nor hair of it. Just effing lovely! So that is my special project for Saturday. Wheeeeeee.

So I have so many projects I am trying to do and then on top of all this, I invite Nicole, otherwise known as Mommielicious, over for lunch and her prize! Oh yes.... I cannot brain today i haz the dumb!! So I then have to email her today and ask for a rain check until after I get moved in to the new place. Did I mention I'm blonde? I think it shows!

So that's where I am right now. Add on to all that the Roller Derby, planning for Avitaween, getting ready for school, and I am one tired woman! I think I can keep it up though,.....

We'll see.


Putz said...

ho ho ho, the RANCH.....real cowboy stuff

phinz said...

You are woman, hear you roar! (does that date me, or WHAT?!)

I have no qualms about it--you'll get it all done AND cook a fab first meal in your new digs. I'm so excited for you!