Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On Being Uniform.

As I am sure everyone is aware of, school has begun around these parts and it has begun in earnest! I have been supply shopping for 3 children, one of whom is in Gifted and Ballet. Yeah.... it was costing. Add to that the fact that I have to drive all of them to school every day because we are sending them to the schools. The two little ones because the nurse knows their Diabetes management, and the older one because she goes to a magnet school for the gifted and ballet programs. It is a challenge, but I manage.

Today.... I found out that at the two younger ones school, they aren't allowing cargo type shorts anymore. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? My son wore his cargo type shorts all last year and no one said a word to us. Every pair of shorts he owns is cargo type. It's a boy thing I think.... Now last year I had issue with the school demanding we buy only THEIR school shirts at $11 a piece, and then demanding the kids only wear their sweat shirts at $22 a piece instead of plain jackets..... now I have to go an buy my son plain or pleated front shorts and pants because the nice ones he has now have the cargo pockets. Once again I bring forth the issue that Gangs start recruiting around 6 th grade..... My kids school is a K through 5th school. The middle schoolers who are at risk of being recruited by the gangs.......


This makes no sense to me.... How about you?


Finn said...

I am NOT a fan of uniforms in general. I think the reasons behind them are bullshit. I think they do it in elementary school so they can quickly ID the students or something. Don't know.

As for the cargo shorts -- what's the reasoning behind this? And why weren't you informed earlier?

phinz said...

Having worn uniforms all through Catholic grade school--and then having to do a massive shop before starting my freshman year at the local public high school, with no fashion sense and no idea how to actually put together an outfit--HATE UNIFORMS. I think they label kids instead of standardizing them. I can see having a dress CODE, but not uniforms.

And where on EARTH do you find boys' shorts at a reasonable price that don't have cargo pockets these days?!