Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Lazy Sunday.

My lazy Sunday.
It isn't actually very lazy as one might think from the title. I spent Sunday doing all the things I don't get to do because of my job, like grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning my own house! You know, the simple things. I had already accomplished mine & HHH's laundry yesterday, so all I needed to get done was the kids clothes. In the middle of all this, we went to Whole Foods for a little errand. I was looking for steak.

For the kids, we got two Buffalo dogs and a turkey burger w/feta and spinach mixed into it. (Excuse the crappy photo.) Then HHH got the Nom of the century when he picked out this steak.
Oh holy Jebus, that was a great piece of beef! HHH cooked it medium rare for me, I cut off what I wanted, then he put it back on the grill and finished it the rest of the way how he wanted. It was soooo tender and juicy! I was in heaven. Wall to Wall Mart can tout their "Angus" beef all they want, but if you can afford it, go to Whole Foods and get a real cut of beef that will just melt in you mouth!

Oh, and then I got one of my most favorite beverages. A Tazo Tea in their Brambleberry flavor. Good Lawd I love that tea. When I lived back in my old home town, my HS bestest friend managed a health food store and would make me a smoothie based on that drink! It had all sorts of berries and the tea and it was the best thing on a hot summer day. L-O-V-E-D it!

I think summers were made for grilling and icy drinks.


phinz said...

I just love reading about you & your fam. Awesome day for awesome peeps. Way to go!

Russ said...

Did you just say that HHH over cooks his meat? Shame, shame on him. Unless you are making some que, there is no reason to cook beef past medium rare!

Blondefabulous said...

PHINZ: Thanks! I like hearing about your tomatos!

RUSS: I have been trying to educate this man about good beef for 9 years.... I may be gaining some ground, but some battles are just hopeless!