Friday, August 14, 2009

Moving In.

Wow. Moving was absolutely painless for me!

Probably because HHH did almost every dang thing. He was off Friday and he moved everything. I had to work so I was ensconced in air conditioned comfort tweeting away and updating Facebook whilst HHH was sweating and straining to move our belongings to Palmer Ranch. All I did was come to the house and mop up the residual mess. Tomorrow I am going to go clean it up and get it ready for the next tenant who is moving in on Sunday.

Right now, Psych is on and watching James Roday act all dorky while looking that hot is all I can think about. HHH is too tired, poor thing!


phinz said...

HHH is awesome! What a guy!
Enjoy your new place and all those CLOSETS!!!!

metalmom said...

Good luck in your new home.