Monday, August 24, 2009

I Have Survived!!

Font sizeBut just barely!

The day went kind of like this.....

5:55am - I wake up.
6:00am - Wake the kids up.
6:15am - Shots and breakfast.
6:30am - Check backpacks.
6:50am - go to the car.
Drive, drive, drive!
7:15am - Hit traffic and cuss.
7:30am - FINALLY get to the drop off.
Drive, drive, drive!
7:45am - Arrive at Elementary school.
7:55am - Get to work finally!!
8:00am - Realize that 2 of my employee's suck ass.
8:30am - Go out and work like hell till 2:15pm.
2:30pm - Pick up Middle school child.
3:00pm - Pick up Elementary kids.
3:15pm - Go back to office & finish paperwork.
4:30pm - Get ready to leave office w/kids.
4:35pm - Get irate call from mad client
4:55pm - Get done getting bitched at by mad client.
5:00pm - get in car w/kids to go home.
Drive, drive, drive!
5:25pm - Get home and try to pass out.

So yeah. I'm gonna do that all week every week that school is in session.

I'm gonna need LOT'S of wine at the end of the day.

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