Sunday, August 9, 2009


I went shopping today. Got a few things for Derby.
Apparently.... it is OK to look like a less than respectable woman while doing roller derby.I went online last night and looked up derby gear and basically, fishnets, knee high socks, shorts/skirts, & tank tops are the basic uniform. Most of the clubs make their own Jerseys for the teams and I am hoping to see what that will look like next Tuesday. As it is, I think I'll save the fishnets for the actual bouts and just go in my cutoffs and knee hi socks.
Still, HHH thinks it's hot, and I at least have a Halloween costume, right!
Shut up! Slutty Derby Skater is totally a Halloween costume.


kapgar said...

You just need a sleeve's worth of tattoos and some little teardrop tats in the corners of your eyes marking the people you annihilate on the track and you'll be good to go!

phinz said...

I see size 8 pants in your future (please send the size 12's to me when they fall off your waist from all skating)
You GO Girl!

Poppy said...


Hot pink hot mama. Accept no substitute nicknames.

RNO said...

Looking great and totally derby like!