Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Derby Girl.

Um, so I joined the Roller Derby.

I can't feel my legs. The ladies I skated with tonight tell me that I'll definitely feel my legs tomorrow! I already feel them now. Holy Shit! I don't have my skates yet. I'll get them on Friday when I get paid.

One thingI noticed, I was a little over dressed. I had on a t-shirt, jeans and a sports bra. Just that, and "I" was overdressed. Sigh.... I see I am going to have to go shopping. I need skirts, leggings, and t-shirts.

Time to go off into Tylenol land! G'nite all.


Poppy said...

How many times can Poppy say YIPPY!!!! in one day?

Let's find out.



Tylenol Arthritis is my co-pilot.

charlene said...

i would want jeans, with leggings underneath and knee pads too~~

i loved to skate when i was younger, now~ scared i'll break something LOL

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


i am soooo jealous!!!!! This is part of my secret wishes in live, to be a derby girl!!!!!

but, my kids are very tiny yet. but just you wait . . . . it'll be my turn in a few years!! rawr!!!!

and remember this (according to my husband) the pain, after a good work out or derby girl session... "that's the doughnuts screaming."

Bubblewench said...

You are super woman for this! I think it's totally awesome. Have fun!

Blondefabulous said...

POPPY: YIPPEE! And I think Tylenol will be my bestset friend from now on!

CHARLENE: They all had pads on over the skirts and stuff. I already know how to quad skate, so it shouldn't be too hard.

MRS. HOLLY HALL: Those doughnuts were sceaming mightily this morning!

BUBBLEWENCH: I don't know about being a "super woman". Right now I feel like I got smacked around with some Kryptonite.
Still, I needed to do something out of my comfort zone and replace my morning commute on the bike. I haven't been able to do that since I started the new job.

Jasper Mockingbard said...

Oh, so you were the one wearing jeans. Good. I was afraid that was you crashing to the floor in the picture.

phinz said...

You constantly amaze and astound me!
Way to go!

Finn said...

I didn't even know they still HAD roller derby. But I am mucho impressed, girl. Mucho.

Have a great time!

Blondefabulous said...

FINN: Be more impressed when I don't break a hip!!

metalmom said...

Roller Derby!!! I love that shit!!!

You're making me so hot right now! (I hope your legs feel better!)

Christina LMT said...

We just had RollerCon here in Vegas...maybe you'll be here next year! :D