Monday, August 17, 2009

Cleaning House.

I had my house cleaned again today. Can I just say that it is so nice to come home to the house being clean and nice after having to run my fanny off all day today? Yeah.... I think I can. It is a trade off between me and my boss. I bought my unlimited phone time this month and she gave me my cleaning for free! (My boss is the bestest!!!)
My day sort of went like this.....

1. I fought the DMV and I won!
Yes, I fought the DMV today trying to get a new sticker for the car I drive for work. It has been out of date since June and I was taking the chance of being pulled over, towed and impounded every day. We didn't have a new sticker yet because when Boss Lady bought her 80% of the company from J, she had to get a separate bill of sale for the 4 cars we use. We got stickers for the other 3, but for some reason, the DMV was giving me crap over getting the stupid sticker for the fourth car. First it was, "We need the bill of sale.", then it was, "We can only do it if there is just 1 car on the bill of sale, not all 4." The last thing I heard was, "We need the Power of attorney from the former owners so we can transfer the titles and figure out taxes.". OMG!! Today I went and I didn't ask any questions or said one word. I just went to the counter, gave the woman my insurance card and VIN #, and asked how much she needed. It actually WORKED!!!! I walked out with a sticker and a sigh of relief. Then not an hour later got followed by a cop. I have a cleaning angel on my shoulder!

2. I did a bajillion errands.
I went every damn where today. First it was the Post Office to mail 200 post cards, then killing time (1 hour) at the DMV, I went to the bank, did an estimate, drove back to the office, went looking for new shirts we could use for uniforms, went to check on a new customer, (& got stuck chatting for 30 minutes.), etc etc etc...... I felt like I was in the car all day today.

3. I got us 2 new customers.
The estimate I did for the above entry, and another I booked over the phone makes at least 10 new customers I have brought in since taking over for JJ the old office manager. She was great and all, but I think my having been out in the field actually cleaning these houses makes me better able to estimate just how much man power it takes to clean places. This being said, I am usually very accurate at how long it takes to clean a place and I give a very good price. This ability to zero in on a good price is whats getting us the customers. Boss Lady is thrilled to say the least.

And that is really all I did today. In between all that, there were clients calling, emails to answer, the next days books to prepare, that days books to check in, and laundry to get clean. Busy for a Monday. Tomorrow should be tamer.

I hope!


Putz said...

i congts. you on your businees alcume, my son who gradutaed in child therapy, workks now by biding lanscape jobs and also brings in busineess the way you do

Finn said...

I see a raise in your future, girl. And maybe a partnership! You go, darlin'.

Blondefabulous said...

PUTZ: Good for your son!

FINN: Thanks. I was most impressed I beat the DMV.