Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I totally fell on my ass tonight.


I was going around the rink, just getting used to the new skates cause they are different from what I am used to, and I went to turn and do a toe stop back at the wall when WOOSH! My feet flew out from under me and I WAS ON THE FLOOR! It was probably pretty damn funny to watch and I laughed about it as I got back up and started skating again.

Tomorrow, I bet the bruise that develops on my ass will be legen........wait for it......dary! I'm sure I will feel it every time I sit down.

I have noticed that I am fighting the figure skater in me.When we were doing backward stops and backward skating, I would instinctively put one skate farther back like I was preparing to do a jump. Uh..... way too old to be doing that crap! Plus, it isn't the proper way to do Derby. Figure is about keeping a straight line and standing tall while skating, Derby is about crouching down and staying low so you can block and move in a pack of skaters. Totally different animals. I will have to get used to it.

So now I am totally hooked on this sport. It is awesome. I love it already. I need to do more skating during the week.

I need to stay off my ass. Anyone got an icepack?


Putz said...

how about a picture??????

phinz said...

sounds like you need a good long soak in the pool!

Poppy said...

The cheese Adam sent me for my bday had 3 in it -- Dawg put them ALL in the freezer. :)