Monday, August 3, 2009

The Big Chair.

One of the things I have to do for the new job I now have is I get to sit in the big chair in the office and do the schedule, payroll, booking new jobs, and mapping destinations. I have often wondered why I have this propensity for leaning towards the management side of things. I have done it for quite some time now. In High School I was one of those people that desperately wanted to be in the lime light, but had to settle for being behind the scenes. It was there that I realized that the people behind the scenes are who really get things done. I learned later in college that bosses meant nothing if they weren't willing to get their hands dirty and work alongside the everyday people who actually got the job done.

People. That necessary element that makes the world go round. Without the little people, we wouldn't run quite as smoothly as a society. We need our trash collectors, dishwashers, and cleaning help, and thats where I find myself this morning. Sitting in the big chair, interviewing people for a position with this company. Well, I would be if the girl I made the appointment with had bothered to show up.


I, who was without a home and income only 6 months before, get to sit in the big chair and pass judgement on others looking for a job. Some of these people are just as desperate as HHH & I were. That's why I get so damn pissed off when someone who isn't serious takes up my time when I could be talking to a better candidate. It's rude to me and the other people who are serious about this.

So here I sit. In the big chair.



Russ said...

Amazing, isn't it?

I've been tempted to take a part time shift at Best Buy or Radio Shack just to get an extra couple of dollars to buffer our savings accounts. Then there is my BIL who is without a job for over a year now (not sure how hard he is looking).

Putz said...

i'll give it to you blonde,,,you have let your past experience with unemployment speak well for you as you deal with people now

Finn said...

People are unreal, aren't they?

metalmom said...

They are fucktards.

phinz said...

This is why you are IN the big chair and they are will never be.

And I agree with metalmom--they are total fucktards.

Bastards. they're probably also sucking at the tit of welfare and any other programs they can illegally qualify for . . .

phinz said...

That's "they will never be." delete that "are."
Thank you.

Christina LMT said...

Hey, you made it the hard way. Nobody did you any favors, you yourself are your own best recommendation. :)