Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I fired someone today.

Well, first I had her convinced that she didn't want to work for us and she was just going to quit after today, but then later she decided to stay on. Bad move. Now I am trying to get a hold of her and tell her not to come into work tomorrow. I always find it's better to make someone think leaving is their idea, that way no one has bad feelings. Now I have to be the big bad boss lady and tell her not to come in. It was a general consensus by all of the team leaders as well that she had to go.

In other news, my bruise is coming in nicely.{sarcasm} It is a faint blue right now, but I am seeing a dark, angry bruise in my future. I spent the evening in the hot tub. Can I say, again, that hot tubs full of hot water and waterfalls of hot water are made of win? Yes.... yes I can! It was awesome. I am so gonna love living here. Also, I need to find more time to skate. I am also going to start running. The other girls on Derby said it was good for building stamina to be able to get through the jams when we start competing in bouts. With our team only having about 10 girls, We won't have many people to switch out when we get tired. Time to build up the old core.

And that's it. Now me and Mr. Tylenol are going to snuggle up in bed and go to sleep.G'nite all!


Finn said...

Sucks to be boss, doesn't it? You do what you have to do and don't feel bad for it; it's not your fault.

And running? Bless your heart. I so hate it, but if you can run anything else is a breeze. Good luck!

phinz said...

Yay for you--running!

I swore to myself when I got out of the Army that I would never run again--unless fire or blood was involved. So far that is the ONE resolution in my life I have kept, lol! (I do walk about 1.5 miles every day tho)