Monday, August 31, 2009

My Boss is Back.

Hooray! My Boss Lady is back in town for the week! I can ask her all kinds of questions and stuff. Things like, "Do we have a Territory?", and "What is the formula we use to determine cost per hour?", and "How much per month do I need to have us make so my profit sharing bonus kicks in?". Yeah,..... I am very interested in that last one.

As for today, I picked her up at 3:30pm at the airport and we went straight back to the office so I could finish up the days books. Then we got in the car and headed back to my apartment complex where I had secured Boss Lady the corporate suite. It is a fully stocked 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment that has all the amenities, such as pots and pans, dishes and silverware, laundry soap and dryer sheets. Everything anyone could need, all in a lovely apartment! I got it for her for the week. It is costing her 1/3 of what she would have paid at a hotel out by the airport. It also has wi-fi and access to the business center and fitness room. Coolio right? Muuuuuch better than a hotel any day!

Plus it can't hurt to do something nice for the chick that signs my paycheck right?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Days.

So today was nice. HHH and I slept in. Then we woke up to happy morning time, then HHH went and made me pancakes. No day can be bad that starts with nookie and pancakes!

After that we went to the mall, walked around a bit, and came home and relaxed. After relaxing, we played a little mini golf on the Wii , and I roasted a chicken. Yep, a Sunday chicken rotisseried on a spit with mashed potatoes, home made gravy and tender broccoli.

It was a banner Sunday here at the Blondefabulous household. At least the upstairs neighbors shut the heck up and didn't have drama at 5 in the morning! I like those kinds of mornings....... especially if it includes slow, languid love making with my Hot Hunky Hubby!

Sigh.... now to go to bed in preparation for Monday.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holy Sh%t!!

In a word....... F*ck!

So I wrote yesterday that I wanted to sleep in on Saturday right? That I wanted to lay languidly in bed with my HHH and enjoy not being up and about at 6am herding kids to a car for various school related activities.

It didn't happen.

At exactly 5:28am the people upstairs started having a knock down, drag out fight. Not a loud argument, not a disagreement about decorating themes....a fight. She was screaming, he was yelling. The sound of bodies slamming into the floor echoed loudly in our bedroom. It wasn't pretty. It sounded awful. Finally after 30 minutes of this, HHH called the courtesy officer for the complex to report it. In turn, she called the cops. Yes, we did wait 30 minutes.... but we wanted to be sure. Sure it was a problem, sure we weren't jumping to conclusions....

I'm not sure I want them living above us. From what I have been able to piece together, these people have had problems before, involving thrown items and broken windows. Not exactly the kind of people I want living over my kids, ya know? So now I have to look forward to fighting every weekend and loud thumping at 5am every weekday morning.

That mariachi music is sounding nice right about now.

UPDATE: It was VERY quiet this morning.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sleep In.

That's what I plan on doing tomorrow.

For as long as I can.

With the aid of a few pain killers, because I seem to have tweaked my hip somehow.

And I am so freakin' beat after this week I feel like I could fall down.

Good night and good weekend to you.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bump In The Night.

So....... it has been 2 weeks since we've been in the new place. I have spent one of those weeks carpooling with the kids as well now that they are back in school.

And I am T-I-R-E-D.

Yeah yeah... I know. I need to quit my bitching and deal with it because thousands of other parents do the same school/work tango and I just need to suck it up, but really.... that isn't my problem. My upstairs neighbors are.

See, by the the time I get the kids sugar checked, shot, teeth brushed, and in bed it is 9pm. I will have about an hour with HHH before I start getting tired and then I am usually in bed by 11pm. I work twice as hard now for twice the money I was making before, so I enjoy a good night's sleep when I can get it. Lately, I haven't been able to get it because of the frisky, heavy footed couple upstairs.

Every morning, at about 5:15 am there is a loud thud upstairs above our bedroom. It really sounds like the guy has fallen out of bed. I was shaken out of a sound sleep this morning by that thud. I think the guy has to get ready for work then or something. Anyway I hear the thud, then him trodding to the bathroom, then back to the bed again, then maybe to the kitchen, etc etc etc........THUD THUD THUD! It doesn't help that the apartment upstairs is an upgrade unit that is all tile, but I digress...

Then there is the frisky part. If you follow me on Twitter, you saw the tweet I did about the girl upstairs being a bit of a screamer. Yep, full on "Oh my God! Aaaaaauuuuugh! Baby!" That's just fine. Get it on people! But at 7am on a lazy sleep in Sunday? Come on! Give me a break. HHH said he hears them going at it all the time at all hours of the day too. (HHH kinda works at home now.) So the upstairs neighbors are horny, loud, and avoiding us like the plague. Oh yes avoiding us ever since we saw them last Monday and the guy asked HHH if they were too loud upstairs. HHH looked him dead in the eye and said, " I plead the 5th." with a wink. The guy turned beet red and said he was soooooo sorry and HHH just said, "Oh no brother... props to you and your performance Sunday morning!" Dude turned even redder and took off upstairs.

Haven't heard any screaming since. Now to find a way to kill off the early morning thuds.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On Being Uniform.

As I am sure everyone is aware of, school has begun around these parts and it has begun in earnest! I have been supply shopping for 3 children, one of whom is in Gifted and Ballet. Yeah.... it was costing. Add to that the fact that I have to drive all of them to school every day because we are sending them to the schools. The two little ones because the nurse knows their Diabetes management, and the older one because she goes to a magnet school for the gifted and ballet programs. It is a challenge, but I manage.

Today.... I found out that at the two younger ones school, they aren't allowing cargo type shorts anymore. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? My son wore his cargo type shorts all last year and no one said a word to us. Every pair of shorts he owns is cargo type. It's a boy thing I think.... Now last year I had issue with the school demanding we buy only THEIR school shirts at $11 a piece, and then demanding the kids only wear their sweat shirts at $22 a piece instead of plain jackets..... now I have to go an buy my son plain or pleated front shorts and pants because the nice ones he has now have the cargo pockets. Once again I bring forth the issue that Gangs start recruiting around 6 th grade..... My kids school is a K through 5th school. The middle schoolers who are at risk of being recruited by the gangs.......


This makes no sense to me.... How about you?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

$$$ = Crazy!

I have come to the conclusion that when you have a lot of money, you invariably go nut fuck wacko. Why do I think this, you say? Well, let me tell you about a few of my more "interesting" customers....

We have this one lady who, along with her husband, has a thriving fertilizer business. They are Looooooooaaaaaaddddddeeeeeeeeeddddddd. They live in a secure high rise that we have to go through 3 layers of security just to get up to their place! When we get there, this woman will follow us around at about a 6 inch separation. She will be constantly in our ear telling us to do this, do that, make sure we get to this, don't forget about that.... on and on and on! I had to switch teams for her because she didn't like who we had going to her house. She harangued the last two girls so badly last time that one said she would call the cops if the woman didn't back off of her personal space! (I don't blame her) And this isn't just every once in a while... it is every single time. Oh, and she won't speak to me either. She doesn't speak to office staff.... only the owners, which brings up another thing. This lady acts like she's better than everyone. She's rich, we're hired help there fore we are less than human. Uh, excuse me? You made your money selling shit...... and you're better than me? Yeah right!

There are others that rub me a little wrong, but really..... what is it about these people that makes them act so weird? Is it the fumes from the thousands of dollars they have accumulated in their mattresses?? Could it be the amassing of millions has addled their noggin? I wanna know. Yes I also know poor people are sometimes crazy too.... but really, we only hear about the rich crazy ones. MJ, The Donald, all those crazy reality TV stars...... once they get money, the weirdness begins, so you tell me.....

Do you think having money changes people?

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Have Survived!!

Font sizeBut just barely!

The day went kind of like this.....

5:55am - I wake up.
6:00am - Wake the kids up.
6:15am - Shots and breakfast.
6:30am - Check backpacks.
6:50am - go to the car.
Drive, drive, drive!
7:15am - Hit traffic and cuss.
7:30am - FINALLY get to the drop off.
Drive, drive, drive!
7:45am - Arrive at Elementary school.
7:55am - Get to work finally!!
8:00am - Realize that 2 of my employee's suck ass.
8:30am - Go out and work like hell till 2:15pm.
2:30pm - Pick up Middle school child.
3:00pm - Pick up Elementary kids.
3:15pm - Go back to office & finish paperwork.
4:30pm - Get ready to leave office w/kids.
4:35pm - Get irate call from mad client
4:55pm - Get done getting bitched at by mad client.
5:00pm - get in car w/kids to go home.
Drive, drive, drive!
5:25pm - Get home and try to pass out.

So yeah. I'm gonna do that all week every week that school is in session.

I'm gonna need LOT'S of wine at the end of the day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tomorrow starts another school year. I am sending off a 2nd grader, a 4th grader, and a 7th grader. OMG! I will have a teenager by the end of November! Save me!

Anywhoo..... we have a slight problem in that we don't know for sure if Morgan's new school has a bus for ballet after school. So the problem we have now is I am going to have to start the kids at the old school for now, and then, after I hear word back from the ballet mistress, we'll know if it is possible to move Morgan. If not, I will be doing quite a bit of driving after school. Unfortunately, HHH can't help me with this because he will be waaaaaaaaay on the other side of town. Sigh, it'll be hard, but it'll work. It has to.

So, everyone be careful. Watch those school zones, slow down, and be careful. Can't say that often enough. Be careful, be careful, BE CAREFUL!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


No.... not that kind of pot...... these kind.

This is my new Cuisinart set of stainless steel cookware. It is so pretty.
(Pretty, pretty.....Shiny, shiny!)

I am afraid to cook with it! It's too beautiful.

Oh, and even though I had that vertigo that caused me to cleave my skull on the bookshelf in the office, I still landed an account on Bird Key here in Sarasota. I like Bird Key. The guitarist from Aerosmith keeps his main residence there. I'd really like to get a few more accounts there....

Oooooo! Gotta go. Football's on!
Go Jaguars!

Dizzy Blonde

When I was a child, I had the worst when it came to ear infections. I got them all the time. The pediatrician knew me by sight. The pharmacists would stock extra antibiotic emulsion for me when winter came. My first three Halloweens were spent sick at home, in the hospital, and sick at home. Most people just thought I was a sickly child. It wasn't until doctors started to making the connection of second hand smoke and childhood ear infections that it started to make sense. My mother smoked like a chimney for 3 packs a day. By then though, it was too late. One bout I had was so bad, it perforated my ear drum on the right side and I lost some of the fluid in my inner ear. Even though the perforation eventually healed and supposedly I got back some of the fluid in my inner ear, I still have trouble. I was constantly car sick, plane sick, sea sick. I can feel an air craft carrier rocking in a calm harbor. It is a pain for when I have to travel and I usually d the driving when I can so as to counter act the queasy feelings. One of the more entertaining problems I have is When I am standing upright and I have my eyes closed, I will fall down. Yep! I don't even need the aid of alcohol to look as if I am falling down drunk! There is no way in hell I can pass a field sobriety test where you do that stand on one foot thing with your eyes closed even stone cold sober! In college this was sooooooo entertaining to my friends. I wasn't so amused.
So today, when I got back from a second estimate appointment, I happened to walk into the office and it suddenly started spinning. Then I suddenly started falling. And the backside of my skull smacked into one of the bookcases. Yeah... not good. It took a moment or two to collect myself and get back up off the floor. That was when I decided to call it a day. Even though my last team wasn't back yet, I packed up and left as soon as I felt the spell of vertigo was over. I figured I'd just do it sometime tomorrow when I was not feeling like I was on the Tea Cup ride at the local fair.

This is also why on the date of my blog-g-versary I have blown off the usual "Oh I love blogging" yadda yadda yadda for this poor excuse of a post. I have been blogging for over 3 years as of August 22nd. I still blog almost every day. I blog the happy, the sad, the fun, and the boring. You all have stuck around, and for that I thank you.

Happy Blogoversary to me!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Working For A Living.


Being the boss means when fucktards use lame ass excuses to call in and not come to work, YOU have to go out and do it yourself.

And I have. For the last two days. A LOT!

And when I got home I was tired, so I went to sleep. And I did not blog.

Which is why you have this poor excuse for a blog post today instead of a real post chronicling the things that happened or how lame I think my employees can be.

That will come this weekend, when I get to sleep in and catch up on everything .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Band Geeks Rule!

I saw this today and laughed to myself, thinking that the world was right with the band geeks for just a moment. The only glaring error I saw was that Trumpet players are NOT the jocks of the band world. The Drumline has that sewn up totally! I would know, I ran in the Drumline from sophomore year in HS to 4 years of college in the University of Florida's FDL! Trumpets are just wannabe's.

Mon Aug 17, 2009 1:33 pm EDT

Just what every football coach in America wants: the trumpet player

Steve Spurrier thinks high school senior Ryan Miller can be the man to "lead the University of South Carolina to the SEC championship and the national championship!" Illinois wants to make sure the sought-after recruit knows Coach Zook is having a birthday soon. Frank Beamer would love the kid to drop by Virginia Tech sometime. [Wrong Beamer. We regret the error. --Ed.]

The only problem? Ryan Miller's not a football player. Some paper-pusher at a recruiting service that supplies schools with addresses of top prospects has mixed up this Miller, a runner and marching band member, with the actual football-playing Ryan Miller from nearby Erhardt. Via the Palmetto State's paper of record:

"We were as dumbfounded as anyone," says Derek Miller, whose only disappointment in the letters is that his alma mater, Florida State, never showed interest in his son. "Maybe it's because we are naive to the recruiting process."

Still, the Millers have had fun with the recruiting process. Ryan admits to bragging to his friends, particularly those who play football, about the letters he received from Beamer and Illinois coach Ron Zook.

As a former symphony nerd, I can attest that marching band two-a-days are a brutal affair, and that trumpet players like Miller are typically regarded in that social hierarchy as the jocks of the musical set, if that makes any sense. (As opposed to those paintywaist clarinetists.) But be that as it may: Miller apparently had the good grace not to let things go as far as they might have, which is kind of a shame -- there was genuine potential here for subversive hilarity, in the fine spirit of American Pie-style teenage hijinks: Imagine a pock-faced, 165-pound dweeb with nothing going for him suddenly stringing along high-profile athletic departments, sampling the high life with the likes of Willie Williams and Jamarkus McFarland, extracting promises from the more ethically questionable recruiters, indulging the advances of duly impressed cheerleaders before realizing the equally unpopular but subtly cute flutist has really been the girl for him all along and finally ending the charade with none of the sad, disturbing ramifications of the Kevin Hart affair. That's one signing day press conference I'd pay to see.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cleaning House.

I had my house cleaned again today. Can I just say that it is so nice to come home to the house being clean and nice after having to run my fanny off all day today? Yeah.... I think I can. It is a trade off between me and my boss. I bought my unlimited phone time this month and she gave me my cleaning for free! (My boss is the bestest!!!)
My day sort of went like this.....

1. I fought the DMV and I won!
Yes, I fought the DMV today trying to get a new sticker for the car I drive for work. It has been out of date since June and I was taking the chance of being pulled over, towed and impounded every day. We didn't have a new sticker yet because when Boss Lady bought her 80% of the company from J, she had to get a separate bill of sale for the 4 cars we use. We got stickers for the other 3, but for some reason, the DMV was giving me crap over getting the stupid sticker for the fourth car. First it was, "We need the bill of sale.", then it was, "We can only do it if there is just 1 car on the bill of sale, not all 4." The last thing I heard was, "We need the Power of attorney from the former owners so we can transfer the titles and figure out taxes.". OMG!! Today I went and I didn't ask any questions or said one word. I just went to the counter, gave the woman my insurance card and VIN #, and asked how much she needed. It actually WORKED!!!! I walked out with a sticker and a sigh of relief. Then not an hour later got followed by a cop. I have a cleaning angel on my shoulder!

2. I did a bajillion errands.
I went every damn where today. First it was the Post Office to mail 200 post cards, then killing time (1 hour) at the DMV, I went to the bank, did an estimate, drove back to the office, went looking for new shirts we could use for uniforms, went to check on a new customer, (& got stuck chatting for 30 minutes.), etc etc etc...... I felt like I was in the car all day today.

3. I got us 2 new customers.
The estimate I did for the above entry, and another I booked over the phone makes at least 10 new customers I have brought in since taking over for JJ the old office manager. She was great and all, but I think my having been out in the field actually cleaning these houses makes me better able to estimate just how much man power it takes to clean places. This being said, I am usually very accurate at how long it takes to clean a place and I give a very good price. This ability to zero in on a good price is whats getting us the customers. Boss Lady is thrilled to say the least.

And that is really all I did today. In between all that, there were clients calling, emails to answer, the next days books to prepare, that days books to check in, and laundry to get clean. Busy for a Monday. Tomorrow should be tamer.

I hope!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am so frickin' graceful!

While we were moving and unpacking I was just walking through the living room and I tripped over a box! A stupid box! I now have a pronounced limp in my right foot because I tweaked something. Reminds me of someone I knew who could just trip over thin air. Used to say they tripped over an air pocket! And I am doing roller derby?? Hah! Speaking of roller derby, the bruise on my ass is still there, just starting to fade a bit. Lets hope I don't get a matching one on the other cheek.

Oh, and in other news, there are 2 storms headed this way. Ana and Bill. I thought the first one was funny because Ana is is the real name of the woman I call the "Hungarian Hurricane". Ha! Life imitating art, or work.....

But back to moving,.... we are almost done unpacking. I need to get a new desk. The old one was sagging in the middle of the hutch. I am looking for a sturdy, well made desk with plenty of storage. Time to shop! My favorite time.

Now off to sleep. I have to hobble around at work tomorrow. Yay, go me!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This Is A Public Service Announcement.

Blondefabulous will be busy this weekend and can't come to the blog right now. Please leave your name and http:// and she will be back to you just as soon as she wades through the piles of crap that is the contents of her home. Thanks and have a super terrific day!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Moving In.

Wow. Moving was absolutely painless for me!

Probably because HHH did almost every dang thing. He was off Friday and he moved everything. I had to work so I was ensconced in air conditioned comfort tweeting away and updating Facebook whilst HHH was sweating and straining to move our belongings to Palmer Ranch. All I did was come to the house and mop up the residual mess. Tomorrow I am going to go clean it up and get it ready for the next tenant who is moving in on Sunday.

Right now, Psych is on and watching James Roday act all dorky while looking that hot is all I can think about. HHH is too tired, poor thing!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moving Out.

I'm going to be moving all weekend. It is going to be busy. I have to work tomorrow. I am training the new girl. This week is trying to kill me with both speed and amount of crap in it.

1) HHH is moving us out all day tomorrow while I am at work.I won't be able to get away before 4 so he has the oh so lovely task of putting everything on a truck and getting it here to unload in the new place. 1300 sqft of room, glorious room. (Yes I was singing that in my head just now.) I need a new desk though. Suggestions?

2) I am training the new girl tomorrow. She's from New York and I just love her accent. it is awesome. Hope she lasts longer than the other girl I had to fire.

3) I RSVP'ed to this years Gator Football Kickoff party in Pasco county. Why there and not here in Sarasota? Well, my sorority big sister and other Gator Band members I used to know will be there. You all will remember last year when I wanted to go, but chickened out at the last minute..... yeah that thing. Well I am going this year according to HHH. He isn't going to let me chicken out. It lasts all day almost from 1pm on,so I will have plenty of time to catch up with people I haven't seen in years. I am petrified!

4) I found out tonight that my name hasn't been taken in Roller Derby. Names in roller derby are a big thing. You have to submit it to the governing body, have it checked against a master list of national and international names, and then approved for use. Your name can't be like anyone else's either without their permission. Everyone must be unique. Blondefabulous is unique. I am putting in for it next Tuesday. I checked it out against the updated online lists and it is wide open for the taking. I am snapping my name up!

Now I need to get to bed. Tomorrow will be a loooooong day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I fired someone today.

Well, first I had her convinced that she didn't want to work for us and she was just going to quit after today, but then later she decided to stay on. Bad move. Now I am trying to get a hold of her and tell her not to come into work tomorrow. I always find it's better to make someone think leaving is their idea, that way no one has bad feelings. Now I have to be the big bad boss lady and tell her not to come in. It was a general consensus by all of the team leaders as well that she had to go.

In other news, my bruise is coming in nicely.{sarcasm} It is a faint blue right now, but I am seeing a dark, angry bruise in my future. I spent the evening in the hot tub. Can I say, again, that hot tubs full of hot water and waterfalls of hot water are made of win? Yes.... yes I can! It was awesome. I am so gonna love living here. Also, I need to find more time to skate. I am also going to start running. The other girls on Derby said it was good for building stamina to be able to get through the jams when we start competing in bouts. With our team only having about 10 girls, We won't have many people to switch out when we get tired. Time to build up the old core.

And that's it. Now me and Mr. Tylenol are going to snuggle up in bed and go to sleep.G'nite all!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I totally fell on my ass tonight.


I was going around the rink, just getting used to the new skates cause they are different from what I am used to, and I went to turn and do a toe stop back at the wall when WOOSH! My feet flew out from under me and I WAS ON THE FLOOR! It was probably pretty damn funny to watch and I laughed about it as I got back up and started skating again.

Tomorrow, I bet the bruise that develops on my ass will be legen........wait for it......dary! I'm sure I will feel it every time I sit down.

I have noticed that I am fighting the figure skater in me.When we were doing backward stops and backward skating, I would instinctively put one skate farther back like I was preparing to do a jump. Uh..... way too old to be doing that crap! Plus, it isn't the proper way to do Derby. Figure is about keeping a straight line and standing tall while skating, Derby is about crouching down and staying low so you can block and move in a pack of skaters. Totally different animals. I will have to get used to it.

So now I am totally hooked on this sport. It is awesome. I love it already. I need to do more skating during the week.

I need to stay off my ass. Anyone got an icepack?

Monday, August 10, 2009


So today was a little slice of heaven...... NOT!

First I had 4 people try to call in on me.Uh.... NO! Only one had a good excuse, (Her husband had to go to the Dr.Appointment she cancelled on Friday so she could help me with a last minute cleaning. Yeah, she got a pass for today. The other ones however, one gave me the excuse of "My kid has lice." and "The girl with lice is my ride." and "My stomach hurts.". Oh hell no! These are girls that call in almost EVERY Monday. Like clock work. It is just stupid that they think I don't remember they used to do that crap when I was working with them on teams. I basically said to each of them that they could come in today or they could lose their jobs..... their choice.

They came to work.

I'm no push over, I don't care what anyone says.

Then I came home to the A/C not working in our house. Lovely. HHH looked at it, but it is a problem in the air handler and the air handler is in the attic. Along with rats, and bugs and God knows what. So, we borrowed the portable from HHH's work and are going to stick it out till we move on Friday. I'm glad we are moving out. This place is starting to fall apart.

Come oooooooon Friday!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I went shopping today. Got a few things for Derby.
Apparently.... it is OK to look like a less than respectable woman while doing roller derby.I went online last night and looked up derby gear and basically, fishnets, knee high socks, shorts/skirts, & tank tops are the basic uniform. Most of the clubs make their own Jerseys for the teams and I am hoping to see what that will look like next Tuesday. As it is, I think I'll save the fishnets for the actual bouts and just go in my cutoffs and knee hi socks.
Still, HHH thinks it's hot, and I at least have a Halloween costume, right!
Shut up! Slutty Derby Skater is totally a Halloween costume.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

One Of Those Days.

"I'm just having one of those days!" he says, then slams the door.

No, I am not talking about my 7 year old son..... I was fighting with my 30 year old husband. And losing. Miserably.

He tells me I have those kinds of days all the time, and that he puts up with me, so why should it be any different when it's his turn. Well, for starters....

1. I give fair warning.

I can and do give fair warning if I am going to be a grouchy bitch. If it is that time of the month or I've had a wretched day at work... I tell it like it is. I don't mope and stew and take it out on others without waving a red flag! That would be shitty. I don't want to be shitty. Yeah sometimes it happens, but if I know and recognize the signs of me being a raging bitch, I'll let everyone know they need to step back.

That's it. Just one thing. It's the thing that is pissing me off today. Fight fucking fair. I love that crazy mofo like there was no tomorrow, but when he's like this I just want to strangle him! To be fair, I know I drive him nuts too when I am being a jerkface. Being a jerk to the ones you love and ruining a completely nice lunch and mall trip is just sucky. No one should do it.

I am beginning to wonder if I am not the root of all this . Not on purpose, but because of me working, being super busy, and starting a new hobby. I am no longer all about being an extension of HHH as his wife and that is straining our relationship. I was trying to ignore it. Unfortunately it has decided to rear it's ugly ass head today.

What am I doing wrong?


Friday, August 7, 2009

Packin' It In.

That's what I have to do this weekend.

As many of you know, we will be moving next weekend to HHH's new complex. Yes, I know I said we would never live on site ever again, but before agreeing to move there, we made sure we would get a real lease with no funky provisions in it,.... you know, like "If you get fired you gotta get out in 7 days.". Yeah. Blondefabulous wasn't gonna go through that crap again. So any way, we nailed down a regular lease that is at a discounted rate because of HHH's employee status and it is only going to cost us what we are paying to live here in the barrio. Of course, there will be walk in closets in every room, more room to move around in, a screened in lanai, a laundry room, and a garage. I will have a garage! Holy Crap! Storage for my stuff!

I haven't packed a damn thing. Not yet. I have been working my ass off. The new job has meant longer hours, but it is more fulfilling.It has also meant that I am gone longer. I am only supposed to work from 7:30am to4:30pm, but more often than not, I am there from 7 to 5pm. Then there is the occasional weekend where I have to go in and do stuff at the office. Like take the Friday laundry and finish it, or balance the books because a team got in late, or like where I have to make a whole new time sheet on Excel because the one we had got erased in a power outage during a thunderstorm today. Gone. Pfft! I ran a search for it and couldn't find hide nor hair of it. Just effing lovely! So that is my special project for Saturday. Wheeeeeee.

So I have so many projects I am trying to do and then on top of all this, I invite Nicole, otherwise known as Mommielicious, over for lunch and her prize! Oh yes.... I cannot brain today i haz the dumb!! So I then have to email her today and ask for a rain check until after I get moved in to the new place. Did I mention I'm blonde? I think it shows!

So that's where I am right now. Add on to all that the Roller Derby, planning for Avitaween, getting ready for school, and I am one tired woman! I think I can keep it up though,.....

We'll see.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

They See Me Rollin' ......

Don't be hatin'!!!

I got my skates and helmet today. This is a photo of some like mine, except mine have red wheels!!This is a significant for me seeing as how the skates themselves are $130!! Yes I just blew $130 on a toy for myself. I'll get the pads and guards on my next check. I figure, Protect the head and get rolling and we'll do the rest as it comes.

The skates were a new experience for me. See, back in High school and Junior High, when I was skating regularly, I wore the kinds of skates that have a boot that went up over your ankle. It laced all the way up, had a solid toe stop, and regular wheels. The Derby Skates are like sneakers with really wide wheels and springy toe stops. It will take some getting used to. I was at one time able to complete jumps and spins and twirls..... but now I am old an decrepit. I gotta hope I don't break a hip! Next practice is Tuesday, and I can't wait to hit the rink!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Toaster Rage!!!

I have to tell myself every day...

"I cannot have road rage in the company vehicle. I cannot have road rage in the company vehicle. I CANNOT HAVE ROAD RAGE IN THE COMPANY VEHICLE!!"
(Mostly because it has our company name and phone number on it.)

It is getting easier to remember that. For this new job, I have to drive quite a lot. I drive to the office, I drive to the bank, I drive to run errands for the office, I drive to different jobs so I can check on the girls' job, I drive to the estimate appointments, I drive to the follow ups to the estimate, etc etc......... You get the picture, right? I am in the car a whole heck of a lot. So being on the road that much means I get to experience all the other drivers and their various styles of driving. The Aggressive Guy, the Cell Phone Talker, The Slow Old Lady, and the Teen Idiot. The ones you really have to watch though, are the Taxi Drivers and the Tourists.

The Tourists are OK really, they're just perpetually lost. With Siesta Key, Sarasota Bay, and the many museums, we get a hella lot of tourists. They are everywhere and it really gets dangerous when they rent those scooters and zip around in traffic! I have almost taken out a tourist or two and I am sure I'll be stopping short several more times in the future. I don't see how there aren't more tourist splattered along the roads here.

Then, there are the Taxi Drivers. They drive fast, don't care if they cut you off, and ignore most traffic signs. Today, for example, I was driving back from Siesta Key and as I was driving along in my own lane, a taxi pulled out in front of the people in the lane next to me, cutting them off. THEN the ass decided he wanted to be in my lane. Only problem was I was already occupying the spot. Dude started coming over and almost HIT me! I honked long and loud and the guy actually flipped ME off for not moving out of his way. Fucker. I just took deep, cleansing breaths and said "Woo-saaaaa" several times and got my ass back to the office.

Then I drove my van to Home Depot after dinner and yelled and shook my fist at everyone!

I feel better now!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Derby Girl.

Um, so I joined the Roller Derby.

I can't feel my legs. The ladies I skated with tonight tell me that I'll definitely feel my legs tomorrow! I already feel them now. Holy Shit! I don't have my skates yet. I'll get them on Friday when I get paid.

One thingI noticed, I was a little over dressed. I had on a t-shirt, jeans and a sports bra. Just that, and "I" was overdressed. Sigh.... I see I am going to have to go shopping. I need skirts, leggings, and t-shirts.

Time to go off into Tylenol land! G'nite all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Big Chair.

One of the things I have to do for the new job I now have is I get to sit in the big chair in the office and do the schedule, payroll, booking new jobs, and mapping destinations. I have often wondered why I have this propensity for leaning towards the management side of things. I have done it for quite some time now. In High School I was one of those people that desperately wanted to be in the lime light, but had to settle for being behind the scenes. It was there that I realized that the people behind the scenes are who really get things done. I learned later in college that bosses meant nothing if they weren't willing to get their hands dirty and work alongside the everyday people who actually got the job done.

People. That necessary element that makes the world go round. Without the little people, we wouldn't run quite as smoothly as a society. We need our trash collectors, dishwashers, and cleaning help, and thats where I find myself this morning. Sitting in the big chair, interviewing people for a position with this company. Well, I would be if the girl I made the appointment with had bothered to show up.


I, who was without a home and income only 6 months before, get to sit in the big chair and pass judgement on others looking for a job. Some of these people are just as desperate as HHH & I were. That's why I get so damn pissed off when someone who isn't serious takes up my time when I could be talking to a better candidate. It's rude to me and the other people who are serious about this.

So here I sit. In the big chair.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Lazy Sunday.

My lazy Sunday.
It isn't actually very lazy as one might think from the title. I spent Sunday doing all the things I don't get to do because of my job, like grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning my own house! You know, the simple things. I had already accomplished mine & HHH's laundry yesterday, so all I needed to get done was the kids clothes. In the middle of all this, we went to Whole Foods for a little errand. I was looking for steak.

For the kids, we got two Buffalo dogs and a turkey burger w/feta and spinach mixed into it. (Excuse the crappy photo.) Then HHH got the Nom of the century when he picked out this steak.
Oh holy Jebus, that was a great piece of beef! HHH cooked it medium rare for me, I cut off what I wanted, then he put it back on the grill and finished it the rest of the way how he wanted. It was soooo tender and juicy! I was in heaven. Wall to Wall Mart can tout their "Angus" beef all they want, but if you can afford it, go to Whole Foods and get a real cut of beef that will just melt in you mouth!

Oh, and then I got one of my most favorite beverages. A Tazo Tea in their Brambleberry flavor. Good Lawd I love that tea. When I lived back in my old home town, my HS bestest friend managed a health food store and would make me a smoothie based on that drink! It had all sorts of berries and the tea and it was the best thing on a hot summer day. L-O-V-E-D it!

I think summers were made for grilling and icy drinks.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

2 More Weeks.

Have I mentioned that there are only two more weeks till we move?

I haven't??


Nothing brought this to the forefront more for me than last night's hijinx involving the neighbors. See, I was watching movies last night, minding my own business when the people both across the street AND next door decided that they should celebrate the weekend by sitting in their cars in their driveways and crank their car stereos as loud as they could. Yep. Mariachi as loud as anything was rattling my dishes, hanging pictures,and furniture!! Holy crap I thought there was an earthquake! I stomped out to the front door and threw it open and gave both idiots a severely dirty look. I could have yelled at them, but they never would have understood me, seeing as how they don't speak a lick of English. Sigh..... I slammed the door back and told Twitter that at 10pm I was going to call the cops. It is ridiculous that I have to do such things just to get some peace and quiet around here!

Then,... just as I thought things were settling down, the shooting started. What sounded like a 30-0-6 started banging outside and didn't stop till about 11pm. WTF?? I twittered that as well. I figure, If I get picked off by a stray bullet, Twitter will tell my story! They tell everyone elses..... anyway.....

I finally got to sleep at about midnight. Things drastically quieted down by then. I guess I do have the neighbors trained with my 10pm on week days/12am on weekends cop calling! LOL! Either way, in 2 weeks we will be out of here and out at the Ranch, living the easy life and lounging at the pool. I'm sure the neighbors will be glad to get rid of the mean gringo lady who is always calling la policia into the barrio.