Friday, July 3, 2009

Why Don't We.....

So, for my birthday, we have gone to Universal again. It was awesome.... well except the part where people were trying to kill me while we were driving over there! I kid you not... people were cutting each other off, zipping from lane to lane, and almost rear ending each other. It was chaos. Oh, and the cherry on top was a guy going south in the north bound land 500 feet from the entrance to our hotel!!! Oh my fuck! And then HHH didn't even notice that the guy was on OUR SIDE of the road. I needed liquid tranquilizers stat!
Enter Margaritaville! After 2 margaritas, I was feeling better. Then I found out that Margaritaville has a gluten free menu! SUPER!!!! We ate and then the waitress came out with a Chocolate Hurricane that was gluten free as well! OMG I was in heaven!
It was,...... wait for it....... awesome! I and my new hair cut rocked the night. Then we went back to the hotel to watch a movie and rest up for tomorrows 4th of July festivities!
I say 37 will be a good year, and if not. Fuck it. I look hot!


Christina LMT said...

Happy Birthday, Blondie!

And you look SMOKIN' HOT, not just HOT.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!!!

Hoosier Girl said...

Happy Birthday AND Happy 4th of July! That sundae looks REAL good!


Poppy said...

Hippy birfdy be-latedly!