Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's Big, Orange, & Can Squash Your Foot?

Amber that's what! In case you're wondering, Amber is a big orange tabby that looks like Morris the Cat on steroids! He weighs 25 lbs. He is declawed on the front paws. He thinks he is a lap cat. At 25 lbs, think I would lose the feeling in my legs if he sat in my lap for very long!! He is a sweetheart though. Unfortunately, if he wants your attention, he will either come up and rub on your leg, which can cause you to fall if you aren't expecting it, or he will wrap his paws around either your arm or leg and he won't let go. I mean really WON'T let go. This is a strong cat, and of course the people are home and going, "Aww how cute! He likes you!", meanwhile I am thinking, "Let go so I can work.". Today the clients let Amber out of the house twice and I had to get him. ALL 25 lbs of him. The second time was funny too, because the little old man accidentally let Amber out, so he got a baggie of cat treats and was shaking them right outside the front door, calling here kitty kitty kitty. The cat was sitting right behind him just staring with an expression that said, "Dude,... I'm behind you." I was trying so hard not to laugh.

We deal with quite a few pets when it comes to the cleaning business. Cats, dogs, birds,.... you name it. Last week we almost got bowled over by a herd of Mini Pinschers. There were 6 of them in one house! It's funny how some of these owners are too. They have the bags of food that are all expensive and "special", and they have all kinds of pet vitamins and supplements. Its funny. I wonder how much money they blow on that stuff, and if the dogs and cats really like it. Some of that food looks like yard gravel.

Then today our last customer sent Fluffy some cat toys. Some of those feathers on a wand thingy's for Fluffy to play with. The lady is really nice and she has two Scottish Fold cats. They're the ones that look like they have no ears. Actually, all the animals on our routes are pretty nice. The only ones that are crappy are the pair at this magazine publisher's house. They are huge and they will eat you.

I'll stick to the 25 lb cats, thank you very much!


Bubblewench said...

We have a big orange 30+lb cat. He likes to climb up and stand on your chest while you are sleeping, it hurts.

And he does the grab you thing w/his paws too!

Love the kitty!

phinz said...

When I delivered flowers, the best part was always the animals. I think I knew every dog in 3 counties!