Sunday, July 5, 2009


Man, I just cannot believe how much this weekend wore me out! Between the idiot drivers, Universal, and the kids, I am just tuckered out! I started out driving home today, but had to switch off halfway home because I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. Really. I was sleepy and drowsy and in the traffic we were driving in it was not recommended that I keep driving in that condition. We didn't even do a whole lot. We did a few rides at the parks, saw the fireworks, and basically did a whole lot of nothing.

Who knew nothing was so damn something??

And now the neighbor's to the rear of me are being all white trash and Jerry Springer. When I got home today, I started all the laundry from our weekend away. As I was hanging up the first load on the line, I hear female voices from over the fence....

"I said I wanna talk to Leroy right da-yum now bitch. This don't con-CERN you."

"Well, I'm not waking him up so you have to come back later. He been up all night drinkin' and I ain't gonna wake him."

" Bitch, this don't concern you none you f***-ing crack whore. I'm his baby's mama and I SAID I need to talk to him!"

And it just went down hill from there. Right now I am hearing intermittent "BANG" noises from back over there. I am hoping that it is a car backfiring, but I think it's a shotgun blast. So I have the choice of thinking baby mama #1 is blowing away baby mama #2, or someone in that whiskey soaked hell hole is inebriated and playing with a large firearm. I can't wait to move!!! I think I'll make one of those count down thingy's just to mark the occasion!

In the mean time, I'll just eat banana pudding and watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

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Bubblewench said...

Holy crap! Isn't that shit hysterical!? When I first moved to Oregon, Cops was a big deal, I was watching, and holy freakin guacamole - there was my backyard, and back neighbors with a meth lab.

So happy to hear you are moving. YOu really don't need that.