Wednesday, July 8, 2009


That's what I worked today. Total. I would have had a normal day, but the customer from hell decided to mess that up for me. I'll explain....

See, I was leading a team today. Erika and I had 3 houses spread across Sarasota. We did the first two, no problems. They were houses we had done before so we know what to expect. The third house was one we had never been to before. It was one JJ had taken over the phone and subsequently no one had ever been to the place. The notes on the order page didn't say anything about needing a key or doors being left open, so we rang the bell and waited. And waited. AND WAITED. No one came to the door. OK. I call the contact number for the woman and get a voicemail. I leave my # and then call JJ. JJ tries to call the lady too and gets nothing as well. We wait at the house for 30 minutes for someone to show up, but still don't see anyone, so we leave. I put a company card in the woman's door and off we go to the office.
We get to the office and I start on the paperwork and then the phone rings. It's the no show customer. She say's, "Oh, my front door is open. They should have gone in." WTF lady! There was no notes saying the door was going to be open. I had tried the front door and it was stuck shut. The lady then goes on to say.."Oh. My door sticks shut all the time." Bitch please! So I load all my crap back up in the toaster and head back out there, and let me tell you, the damn place was in BFE! So I go back out there and clean the place. It was covered in tons of dust. Oh, and dog hair. It sucked ass. I got that done and motored back to the office. By then it was 5pm! By the time I got the payroll done, the job books completes, and the checks written up for deposit in the morning, it was 5:30! I was tired! I called HHH to come get me in the car. No way I was riding home. I was beat!

Lucky for me, those kinds of days are few and far between. I am going to get a net book or a small computer so I can bring it to work with me and then get some of the software for work put on it and bring it home with me. I don't think that will happen often. I guess this is that "trial by fire" thing people talk about.

Gotta keep my fanny from getting crisped!

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