Friday, July 31, 2009

Spell Check That Sh%t!

Aunt Flo has come for her usual visit and I am a little beat today. I didn't take to much on today, but I did go out and help my last team clean a house this afternoon, so I was a little tired from that. I also went to our soon to be new apartment complex and handed out coupons and flyers for the business at their "Back To School" party. I know that when school goes back in, the Mom's will be busy and maybe we can get a few biweekly customers. I know when we move I am going to put our place on biweekly service! I'm never home to clean anymore!

One of the semi-bright points of today was the answers I was getting to the ad I put on Craislist for a new person to work with us. I know people are desperate now a days, but some of these replies I have gotten are amazing. I got one response from a woman who just moved here from Caracas. Another one didn't have a lick of cleaning know how. I don't knock those people. They had excellent resumes' and spell check. The rest of the people...... whoo! One person told me, and I quote..."I am unterestd in the position you advertiment on your ad." No lie! The rest of the applicants were just as bad. I know that if they are replying by computer, there is a spell check. Come on people. Don't sabotage your chances at employment with a bad reply!!

Then I was trying to call the people that looked good on the replies and ran into another problem. I waited till 9am to start calling people. I thought that was a good time to start calling. It's when most normal businesses start their day. Just because I'm in the office at 7:30am doesn't mean the rest of the world is! OMG! Either I got people who were asleep and belligerent or just had their phones shut off and didn't bother to call back. WTF?? This is a time in the country's economy where such missed opportunity can be drastically detrimental to their future!! Are they nuts?? I put on Facebook that I was getting these incredulous replies to my calls and Chris commented that she couldn't believe it! I couldn't either. I guess people were just trying to pad their unemployment paperwork.

So for Saturday, the kids and I are on our own. HHH is going fishing with his dumbass brother and also his Dad. I think I'm gonna go get doughnuts in the morning and relax for the day. Might even go to the beach with the kids! Or shopping... you never know!

I love the weekend!

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