Friday, July 24, 2009


It's that time again. Time to pull out the yearbooks, reminisce about days gone by, and feel just as inferior as you did when you were 16.

It's Reunion time!

Oh joy! (not) I started getting the emails and MySpace notices and Facebook notices at the first of the year. "Get on the mailing lists!", they admonished me! "Keep us apprised of your reunion plans!", it spouted. "OMG! If you know where someone is that isn't on the mailing list, give us their addy, email, facebook, etc, etc, so we can hound them too!" It hasn't stopped. I understand the reason behind this. This year is our 20 year reunion, and typically for our high school, they maybe get 15 or 20 people coming back to go to that reunion. The 20 isn't a big one like the 10. At the 10, people are just out of college and beginning their lives. They want to show off their new spouses, cars, kids, homes, yadda yadda yadda..... It's a big, "Who's got the best stuff?" contest. I get that. I got it back then to in 1999. This year though, the overachievers that made our class the first one to have prom in the gym by raising money for roll away carpeting, and made us the winning est homecoming float class, (3 years in a row), and the first class to have an actual show where the seniors hand over the school to the juniors at the end of the year that was entertaining, have decided we are also now going to be the class that will have the most people back to the 20 year reunion! Oh goody!

Um... I may have to skip this travesty.

"Oh but WHY, Blondefabulous! Why do you want to skip seeing all the people you went to school with? Why aren't you excited about reliving old times and being back at the old stomping grounds?"

In a word.... sucked.

High school was a big load of suck. I was a band geek. I was an honors nerd. People thought it was funny to make fun of my weight the first two years, and the way I dressed the last two. I was only useful as the butt of jokes and someone to copy homework off of. If there was an in class assignment where people needed me, THAT was when I was popular. I need to relive that? Oh, and the Facebook page! That thing is h-i-larious! The photos are all of the A Crowd and the Jocks! In one from the 10 year reunion, there is a girl in it with the A Crowd I remember as not being popular (like me!) and they completely omitted her name from the caption! Ha!

Then there is the inevitable posturing that will occur. I don't need that either. I'm not a doctor, I'm not a philanthropist. I don't have a hot car or a million dollar house. I clean toilets. Now I tell other people to go clean toilets, but still.... potato, potahto. I was homeless twice in the last two years. Not exactly things I wanna share with the chic that was prom queen even if she'd give me the time of day.

I think people come to these things to see just how far others have fallen. They come to see who became a drunk, who never got out of the podunk they grew up in, and who has the most screwed up life. Negativity I just don't require. People who never gave a damn about who I was back then, so why the hell do you want to pretend to care now? Hmph. That's what I thought...... you don't care.

So anyway, I'm not going. It was kind of them to remember me on the invitation list and all, but I think I will have to decline. I spent the better part of 20 years trying to heal the trauma that was my high school experience, and going back to see the people and the place that made such cratered pockmarks on my soul is just not wise. The past is the past, and it will always be such. I look to the future.... bright and full of promise, like I was on graduation day.

No do overs, please.


phinz said...

I feel like you do. I was a band geek too, but not really a nerd (didn't apply myself; my own fault). I was voted Class Clown, but sometimes I think just because. My humor wasn't HUMOR--it was sarcasm, and God forgive me for all the feelings I'm pretty sure I hurt.

I didn't really get that until after I graduated, and NO ONE who was marrying their high school sweetheart invited me to their wedding. Who wants a smart-ass bitch at their wedding?!

I have gotten in touch with people from school, and the ones who want to be my friend have responded; the ones who don't, haven't. And that's okay.

So I graduated in '79. Haven't been to a reunion yet; am wavering in my resolve. Maybe the 40th, because if they're having a 30th, which would be this year, they didn't invite me to that either. Again--okay.

I've grown and learned a thing or two. The people who I feel need and/or want to know that, do know that. The rest? I hope they all have happy rewarding lives and God bless.

Sometimes I think high school sucked for everybody. Just in different ways, maybe.

Thanks for the vent!

Poppy said...

I went to my 13th high school reunion (that's how coordinated my class was, couldn't do a 5 or a 10) and it was really boring. I left as soon as I could escape the girl who told me she still lived at home and how horrible it was.

Um, for me, not worth the thought process. Anyone I care to catch up with is on Facebook. :)

Blondefabulous said...

PHINZ: Rant all ya want babe! That's what I did in the post!! ;-)

POPPY: Yeah. I talk to the people I care about too. I wish some would get off MySpace though. I hate that thing.

phinz said...

My niece just went to her 10-year and said it was boring.
I can only conclude that unless you're really into that shit, or really need a place to brag about yourself, don't bother.