Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pocket Sized

So, HHH got me a small laptop to take to work. It is the size on my daughter's Harry Potter book. I could fit it in my purse. It is light and 1" thick. I love it!

On the job front, I was out cleaning and then in doing office work today. I landed 2 more clients today. They are only 1 time clients, but we are keeping the contact information so I can check in with them in a month or two. Maybe I can cultivate them into more reliable clients.

On the home front, the cat is gone. It happened a few days ago. I swear Fluffy evolved thumbs cause he has been opening the back door to the deck and two days ago, HHH came in from grilling and the door didn't shut all the way and that cat opened it up when we weren't looking and he was G-O-N-E! We have looked for him and called his , but so far,no Fluffy. The kids are upset sort of, and I keep assuring them that Fluffy is just out finding a girlfriend and he'll be back after he gets bored, but I am wondering if that will be the case. We move in the second week of August and if he isn't back.... we won't be able to come around and find him. I have had Fluffy since he was born. I would hate to lose him.

He has 4 weeks.


Ms Snarky Nice Bitch said...

my miss tee was gone for 6 weeks and i thought i was going to die~~if you have to move before fluffy comes back, be sure and let your landlord know about him

hope you find you kitty


Finn said...

Oh noes! Please come home Fluffy!

This kind of shit makes me so sad. :(

phinz said...


AWESOME laptop! May I ask how much and where did he get?

Stephanie said...

That is the cutest little computer I've ever seen in my life. NEED.

Poppy said...

My girl Little Kitty came back after 19 days. And I see your FB status and Twitter status right this moment so YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

My friend B has that Acer, she loves it.