Sunday, July 26, 2009

PMS-ing And other Dangers.

Yeah, if you didn't notice from yesterday's rant on my upcoming class reunion, I am PMS-ing in a major way! HHH caught a bit of it this morning by way of text and cell. I imagine if I had been on the road, I would have been shooting the bird at the other drivers and calling them all kinds of un christian like names. As it was, I stayed in bed for most of the day, flipping to different movies and skimming over Twitter and Crackbook.
After a while, I got up and started a load of laundry and began to clean up my own room and bathroom. I figured since I cleaned up everywhere else, it was high time I cleaned our place. Plus, my thought was, the more cleaning I do now, the less I'll have to do when we move things out of here.
Oh, and did I mention that in a little over half a month we will be moving out of here? I haven't? Oh how silly of me! In a little over half a month we will be leaving the barrio behind and going out to the Ranch to live. (Palmer, not Lakewood.) I have been as patient as I can. I just can't take all the crazy anymore. The late night music, the getting drunk on the stoop and hollering at passing cars, and the utter disregard for our yard and space. I tried to embrace the culture, but they just don't want us so bye bye......
Oops,gotta run. Night of Champions is on and my daughter wants me to watch it with her.

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phinz said...

Yay for no more barrio bullshit!!!